Asad Zaman Khan

Having a healthy lifestyle is not an option anymore, it is mandatory. Luckily Social Diary is here to motivate you with fitness routine of your favourite celebrities! This week Asad Zaman Khan   shares his routine with us all.

  1. What’s your morning routine?

I wake up and mentally prepare myself for the day ahead by meditating. I then go for a morning walk, jog or cycle. I have a shower and then have breakfast and then go to shoot.

  1. What is your usual workout routine like?

I vary my workout, but it consists of a warm-up, weights (focusing on my various muscles groups on various days), cardio and then finishing off with a cool-down. I always have black coffee before my workout as this gives me more strength and energy. My suggestion to you all would be that you should drink black coffee before you work out.

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  1. How important is breakfast for you? What do you have in it?

Breakfast is very important to me. So much so that it’s my favorite and most important meal of the day as it energizes me for the day ahead. I mix up my breakfast on a daily basis and it varies from Porridge with berries, to boiled eggs and omelets. I do however try to have a more protein rich breakfast. Black coffee is a must for me.

  1. What does being fit mean to you?

Being fit is very important to me and it consists of being physically and mentally healthy. I believe that your body is your temple and you need to keep it pure and clean for your soul to reside in.

  1. What is your take on junk food?

I stay away from junk food as much as possible, however as part of my cheat day I may indulge in a pizza or something, but this is very rare.

  1. How often do you indulge in a cheat meal? Do you think it is important to stay fit?

I try and eat healthy nearly every day, as it’s important to me and part of my fitness regime to do so. Therefore, if I indulge in a cheat meal once a week then that’s completely fine. It’s important to not deprive your body of what it needs, but definitely eat healthy and don’t over indulge.

  1. Do you follow any particular diet? Such as keto, paleo, vegetarian?

I tend to follow a protein rich diet, and I love fruit, dry fruits, grilled fish, grilled chicken and black coffee. I stay away from sweet things and avoid carbs although I love them, but as part of my diet I cannot have these.


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