Asim Jofa- Fashion Designer

  1. Define yourself in 3 words?

Perceptive. Diligent. Workaholic


  1. The last book you read?

American Dervish by Ayad Akhtar


  1. One song that always stays on your playlist?

Intro by the XX


  1. All time celebrity crush?

Meryl Streep


  1. One thing you always keep in your bag/wallet?

Credit Card


  1. Your go to person for advice?

My Father


  1. Favorite quote?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step


  1. Last movie that you watched?



  1. Favorite person to hangout with?

My crew of super awesome human beings


  1. Chocolate or Cheese?



  1. Your most treasured item?

My Father’s watch


  1. One word that you use a lot?



  1. Life according to you is?

An exciting journey I’m stoked to be on.


  1. Singing or Music instruments?



  1. Are you an early bird or nocturnal?

Nocturnal for sure.


  1. Who would you want to play you in a movie on your life?

Christian Bale


  1. Favorite TV Show?

Stranger Things


  1. When I dance I look like…?

A very awkward alien.


  1. Favorite food?



  1. Favorite perfume?

Creeed Aventus


  1. Favorite Holiday Destination?



  1. Favorite genre of music?



  1. Your Pet Peeve?

Disregard for time


  1. What’s your super power?

Making people happy around me


  1. Snapchat or Insta?




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