Avoid Blisters from New Shoes

Feel like a queen in your new shoes without being hindered by pesky blisters!

Let’s be real – nothing beats the wondrous feeling of wearing our smashing new kicks for the first time. Sliding our feet into our immaculate untarnished shoes and walking around in them just makes us feel like we’re ready to conquer the world. Nothing can stop us. Oh, wait a minute, do you feel that? That acute burning sensation at the back of your ankles or sides of your toes? That’s right, you’ve got a blister forming.

Getting blisters from brand new shoes is no fun at all and ruins the experience of new shoes all at once. You’re tragically forced to walk in a manner such that your shoe avoids brushing against the raw wound (but, it still does, anyway), and you end up waddling like a duck. So, how do you prevent the suffering of these pesky wounds? Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest the absurdly superstitious saying of “biting your shoe before it bites you”. And, neither are we going to recommend picking the right material of shoes, because, as we all know, when we ladies fall in love with a pair of shoes, its material will be the last thing on our minds.

So, we’ve come up with 6 other tips that will guarantee blister-free feet no matter what shoes you choose to rock. From stilettos to leather boots, we’ve got you totally covered.


Walk around in your shoes at home to loosen them up

Sure, your family members may think you’re nuts but what’s half an hour of judgement compared to a few years of total comfort? Wearing your shoes in the house before you actually rock them outside allows you to break into them by softening up the rigid material. Plus, this will help you locate the ‘hotspots’ of your feet, where blisters are most likely to make an appearance, so you can plaster up your feet at the accurate places before you wear them out.


Wear the right socks

Dress your feet right and they’re bound to treat you well. While ankle socks are the crowd favourite due to their invisibility, they don’t offer much protection. But, even if you pick long socks, you still have to be cautious. It’s extremely easy to gravitate towards cotton as it efficiently absorbs moisture but damp socks will heighten the risk of blisters. Go for quick-drying synthetic fabrics or better still, padded hiking socks.


Spray on anti-perspirant

Got sweaty feet? Kill two birds with one stone by spraying on some anti-perspirant! As your feet sweats less, it catches onto your shoe less easily and reduces friction. So, you’ll be left with blister-free soles and of course, fresh-smelling feet.


Use plasters

Yes, fight the fire before the flame is even ignited. Plastering up your feet right before you put on your shoes is one of the easiest, fool-proof ways to prevent the appearance of blisters.  While you can stick on the plasters when you begin to feel a burning sensation during the day, usually, by then, your feet will be too sweaty of a canvas for the plasters to adhere to for long.


Choose the right size

Gone are the days when a woman’s beauty is measured by the size of her feet. It’s perfectly alright to have large feet – just flaunt them! Wear a size seven? Then don’t squeeze your feet into a cramped six. Before you know it, friction will start to build up and soon, blisters will be accompanying you wherever you go.


Lubricate your feet

It’s time to take out the big guns and fight friction with its worst enemy – lubricants. Lubricating your feet will eliminate friction and naturally, the blisters.