Beauty Supplies to Stash in Your Desk at Work

The only products you’ll need for a quick office touch-up.

Makeup remover swabs
You’ve just gotten back from lunch and a quick look in the bathroom mirror indicates that your eyeliner and mascara have traveled halfway down your face. Keep a makeup remover swab or stick in your desk for moments like these you’ll be able to carefully eliminate residue without lifting all of your face makeup. Think teary eyes could be the problem? Here’s how to winter-proof your makeup.
Red lipstick
A bright red lip is the perfect way to look alive on tired mornings and add glam to your office makeup before happy hour. Keep the classic shade on deck for either occasion.
Keep a small tube of concealer nearby to help cover any blemishes that might reappear during the day. If you’ve got after-work plans, use it to touch up the area under your eyes and around your nose and lips. An even tone will make the rest of your features pop.
If your cheeks lack a natural flush, you’ll want to keep blush on hand. Reapply midday to keep your skin looking fresh. If you don’t have blush, dab a bit of red or pink lipstick onto your pointer fingers and blend it into the apples of your cheeks for a quick fix.
Powder compact
A powder foundation will allow you to remove shine and even out your skin tone. Buy a compact so you can leave your brushes and sponges at home.
Spring water facial mist
Although facial mists are relatively new on the beauty scene, they’re a shortcut to radiant skin. Pick up a spring water spray and spritz it on your face as soon as your feel your office’s air begin to dry out your skin. For glowing skin from the outside in, stay hydrated.

Roll-on perfume
A travel-sized roll-on perfume allows you to refresh your fragrance without wasting valuable drawer space.
Dry shampoo
Add volume and eliminate oil with a travel-size bottle of dry shampoo. This magical staple will get you happy-hour ready in no time. Don’t want to invest in a can? Try baby powder for a low-cost alternative.
Blotting sheets
A quality blotting sheet will remove sweat and oil without ruining your face makeup. And while these handy sheets won’t do much to stop oil production at its source, they’re a great way to matte your face without packing on pounds of powder.
Emergency essentials
Travel sized hygiene and grooming products such as deodorant, safety pins, a mini lint roller, hair elastics, a nail file, hand lotion, antibacterial, and tampons all deserve a permanent home in your desk drawer. You never know when you or a coworker might have an unexpected malfunction.


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