Bits & Pieces on the life of Jiya Malik

Jiya Malik Model & Actress


Jiya Malik, originally named Sabeen Ramzan, is no doubt the next super model in our fashion industry. Her height, perfectly balanced complexion and those salty features leave everyone mesmerized. Social Diary’s correspondent Nudrat Mustafa had a detailed discussion with her about a number of things. Keep reading to know what the model-, who stands out from the rest, has to share!

Tell us about your experience at Hum Style Awards 2017. How was it?
It was beautiful and I think that in Karachi, everyone really has been caught up on the red carpet thing and they know how to do well there. So on location experience of Hum Style Awards, which is one of the biggest award shows in Pakistan, was great.


Personally, what type of project would you like to do?
I like fashion weeks mostly.


And what about Designers? Who are your favorite Designers?
Nomi Ansari is one of my favorite designers! Kamiar Rokni is another designer who I really admire, and of course, Ali Xeeshan.


Who are the Photographers in Pakistan with whom you would like to work?
I would like to work with newcomers mostly. But I would also like to work with established names like Rizwan Baig and Guddu & Shani.


So what do you feel about working out of Pakistan?
I would love to work outside of Pakistan. To be honest I prefer working in Pakistan more. But I do have a few upcoming international projects; you will be seeing me soon on an international platform inshAllah. And it will be my honor to represent my country worldwide.  


So, any plans for acting?
I would like to spend some time to learn acting first than maybe. But I am quite sure that I am not ready yet.


Do you believe in living life fully?
Of course I do. We all want happiness and peace. We want to live without stress and tension. But that’s part of the journey. The trick is to find happiness. However, the answer is different for us all.


Do you have any regrets?
I have no regrets other than that I wasted too much time to make final decision about starting my modeling career.


How was the experience working with Khawar Riaz?
It was great. He is a phenomenal person. I love his work. He is a great person to learn from. His talent and to share an experience with him was very beautiful.


Did you learn anything from him?
I learned from him dedication. Of all the great makeup artists & photographers I’ve worked, I have their focus and their presence of mind in every look and in every shot. We all know what a great person Khawar Riaz is.


How was the experience on shoot for the Fahad Hussayn campaign that you had for Lahore Lahore Hai?
It was very nice. It was like traditional stuff. And I love our tradition. I love the colors, the swing and doing Masti. It’s was so cute.


Do rumors bother you?
Yes, they do. I do not feel hurt. But I do not know why they keep coming so I try my best to simply ignore. This is the best I can do.


Why did you choose to become a model? Why were you interested in this Career? What/who led you to apply for this job?

I was just a simple girl studying. A friend was running an Event & PR agency and he offered me a clothing campaign to do where after that there was no turning back.


Why would you think you’re fit for being a model?

I never felt fit enough to be a model but after I had entered I got the encouragement from others around me. I have good height but I did lose around 10kg to 15kg and that was a very hard part indeed.


What are your likes and dislikes about your environment?

Likes- the fun we have when we’re together at a show.

Dislikes- the timings.


What do you prefer or what do you enjoy most in your field? Or what work are you most proud of?

I much prefer fashion week but there are only a few of those happening in Pakistan on a regular bases; which is the reason I am doing every fashion week.


What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

My goals as a model on ramp are almost completed but my goals as a model for shoots are plenty!! I would like to see myself doing much bigger and better on international platforms as well & maybe someday I may consider a film besides modeling but not so soon.


What will you do if you find any disturbance from your senior or junior in your modeling field?

I’d take them on as a direct challenge!! I’m not afraid of anyone.


As you are the next upcoming Super Model; do you see yourself as a complete lady?

Yes very much so!! I’m very grateful to Allah for giving me so much in my life!!


How do you compare Pakistan’s fashion industry with the international fashion industry?

We are truly far from comparing ourselves to the international fashion industry but we’re getting there slowly and steadily with the help of fashion weeks.


What is your nutrition? How do you maintain your figure with this entire busy schedule?

I don’t believe in DIETING but instead in EAT HEALTHY!! So I eat normal home food but control my fats and I definitely exercise whenever I can.


Things you can’t live without?

I cannot live without my Mobile phone.


How do you define your own style? Are you all about the latest fashion trends or just like simple things?

My style is simple and comfortable!! Clothes that I wear I can go around town in those, shopping, coffee, shoot etc and most importantly I can travel easily.


Are you proud of becoming a rising star or you need to put more effort in it?

Definitely everyday you need to put in more effort otherwise a point of unproductivity will come and there will be nothing beyond. That is the reason for my success so far that I never get satisfied with my achievements and I crave for more.


Quick Bits:


Birthday: February 04


My biggest asset: My family


One person I would love to dine out with: Imran Abbas


My worst nightmare: Back to back traveling


My definition of love is: Care & respect


One thing I hate about myself: I trust everyone


Something I would like to forget: The day I lied to my best friend


Something I would like to remember: My childhood


My strength: My Allah


I feel over cloud nine when: When I am with my friends


I get dejected when: Someone lies, ignores and wastes my time.


Something that I am strongly possessive about: My repute & my best friend


I get turned on by: Shopping, hanging out with friends, listening to music


When feeling low I prefer: Praying


What touches me the most? Love and care


The most unforgettable moment of my life was: My first time being showstopper at PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2017 for Zuria Dor; it was a big surprise as other senior models were there as well in the list and when my name called up it was quite shocking for me.


If I could be another person I would like to be: Myself all over again, because I’m happy with who I am


What bores me the most: Traveling; as I have to travel a lot.
Upcoming project: A surprise project yet to be confirmed and Bridal Couture Week 2017


My Message: Always just be positive & keep calm; wait for your time and the world will be all yours.