Candid Hand on Try Your Photography Best Techniques for Beginners

When it comes to capturing candid photos, there is no denying that the more skills you’ve got, the better the results. But here’s the thing about candid photography- you can do it and do it in a great way! When it comes to shooting your subject, you just need to make sure that you are getting up-close and engaging with your subjects to present some meaningful work. Just remember, there is no fakeness involved here. It is basically all relating to showing real emotions coming across the lens. You want images which are beaming and make you shine through. Nowadays it has become so easy to spot what’s real from what’s fake. Whether its a wedding, street photography or even a family gathering- how about you capture the essence of what matters?

There’s a special quality about candid photographers and Social Diary is going to be presenting a number of ways in which you can create awesome work which is meaningful and might even put you out there for people to appreciate. So let’s get right into polishing your clicking skills:

Don’t Miss a Single Moment
When it comes to creating the best album, you need to be on your toes all the time. This means you have to take a range of shots to capture that perfect, spontaneous moment. This is true when there is a big group involved. You never know when epicness can strike so be well-prepared for it!

Become Unseen
One thing that makes up for candid photography is that you should be shooting pictures without getting spotted. Now this may seem hard to understand but it isn’t really. This is a common technique in which you set the camera at hip height and this actually opens a whole new world and possibilities of getting that perfect, candid shot!


Aiming for the Perfect Composition
One of the worst things you can do for a natural click is ask your subjects to look natural. It does not work that way. You need to get them in their real element and for you to do this, just move around the room, and capture them through various angles. You never know which one will become the ultimate click.

Breaking the Ice
When it comes to taking portrait photography which is supposed to be candid and real, you need to work on another set of skills- your conversational skills. When you look at the subjects through the camera lens, they are basically in a vulnerable state. You need to make them comfortable. Only then will they feel they are in a safe zone and will share insights and details. Also think of interesting ways to start conversations. When you are communicating, you are essentially creating a region of comfort where you talk about various elements in relatable tones. The greatest shot is one in which the subject is transparent and has no mask on- keeping the conversation light, you are bound to get some awesome smiles in that frame.

Pose How You Want
Remember your subjects know what makes them feel relaxed and calm better than you. Hence it works great for you if you let them off guard and ask them to pose as they wish to. While these poses won’t be completely natural, if you add them with some conversational pieces you are having, wow- the results would be so great! Every person is different- everyone has something to say. Put in your effort to make them shine. Individualism matters and it is what will come across the screens.

I’m Not Here
This is the best technique which will promise you amazing shots from your subject. A camera can make you uncomfortable. The best way for you to grab something awesome is to make sure that the camera is invisible. Be it weddings, parties, bridal showers, tell the attendees to forget you are even there. They should just go about enjoying the ambience. That in itself will be clicking some valuable moments which you cannot get if someone is staring right into the camera.

Blending is Key
One thing you should be aiming for is to not become someone who interrupts the space of your subjects. Let them come to you. This will allow them to not notice you even, giving you the full floor to capture moments in action. Just head out to places where you know exciting things can happen especially for street photography. Always keep your camera ready and click away. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, but if you hang around, you will definitely be having a lot of interesting things to capture. The world is your oyster! Reach out and grab the greatness around you.


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