A Pearl Story!

It seems as though the trend cycle is faster than ever; one day everyone is obsessively swooning over a trend on social media, and by next season, it’s nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, there are trends that lean timeless and minimalistic, making them easy to keep relevant not just for a season, but throughout decades. Modern takes on...

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Major Beauty Win! Have You Tried the Sunburnt Blush?

With the onset of summer comes an influx of beachy beauty looks. We're talking bronzed goddess beats, pops of bright color, and, of course, the faux-sun glow. While proper sun protection remains paramount, it's difficult to resist the allure of a breezy, summer flush. As such, sunburned chic becomes the aesthetic of the season—without the woes that come...

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UNDERARM CARE 101 What You Should Be Knowing!

When we look into how to care for ourselves, there are so many things we need to look into and understand. One is to definitely look into how you can make yourself feel and look more confident. As the wellness movement has increased bodily awareness and inspired us to embrace traditionally less-thought-of parts of our physical being, underarm...

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Anum Faisal Malik

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