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The Australian model is a major powerhouse who has an amazing figure and far greater energy. Miranda Kerr is known to have such a fiery stance and keeps herself going and active through her daily routine. Let's see how she gets it done: MIRANDA'S WORKOUT: Pilates and Yoga Miranda Kerr has said yoga helps her to improve flexibility,...

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Editor’s Pick

Mahira is Back People! Whenever you see the name Mahira Khan attached to a project, instantly you know it is going to turn out to be something big and important. Razia's first teaser holds a lot of promise.  The Maula Jatt star’s comeback will be on a plot focused on female empowerment and it seems Mahira Khan will...

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The Fabulous Hollywood Starlet!

One of the most celebrated Hollywood actresses, Nicole Kidman is also known for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which likely includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. Even at the age of 56 years, she looks flawless and here's looking into how she manages it all: NICOLE'S DIET: Balanced and Clean Eating: Nicole Kidman has expressed her preference for...

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The Wellness Factor with Dr.Uzma Masroor

Social Diary has collaborated with a medical expert to allow our readers to connect and have their concerns answered over their wellness-mental and physical. This week: Shaheen Muqadas Asks:  What is the impact of emotional mistreatment by parents at home? Emotional mistreatment is a pervasive form of abuse that often remains hidden within the walls of one's home. Many children...

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The Hollywood Hunk Who Got ‘300’

W hen it comes to remaining fit, Gerard Butler is known for his impressive physique, particularly in his role as King Leonidas in the film "300." But he has always shared that he makes a personal effort to keep his energy levels intact. Let's peek into the leading ways in which Gerard keeps it healthy: GERARD'S WORKOUT: Strength...

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Yoga for Children.

One of the biggest struggles for parents is to instill a good fitness regime among the children. It may be difficult for you to decide the right way to nurture the little ones, so we have got you covered! Children, with their fresh minds, are best suited to practice yoga because it is all about encompassing and educating...

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