Netflix Bites

Netflix, the renowned streaming giant, is set to tantalize taste buds as it ventures into the culinary world with its latest endeavor, Netflix Bites. Opening on June 30 in Los Angeles, this exciting pop-up restaurant aims to bring the delectable creations of world-renowned chefs featured on popular Netflix shows to the dining table. Netflix Expands Its Empire With...

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Unveiling Pakistan’s Hidden Treasures

Calling all animal and wildlife enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of Pakistan's natural wonders. In this feature, we delve into the captivating realm of wildlife and biodiversity, shedding light on endangered species, exciting conservation projects, immersive eco-tourism experiences, and sustainable practices that will ignite your passion for nature. Endangered Species: Embracing...

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Pakistani Fashion Icons Reshaping Style

Discover the fashion influencers from Pakistan who are transforming the fashion landscape with their unique style and trendsetting looks. These individuals have made a remarkable impact on current fashion trends, captivating audiences with their fashion journeys, collaborations, and unmatched sense of style. Irfan Junejo: The Visionary Vlogger Irfan Junejo, the renowned Pakistani fashion influencer, captivates his audience with...

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Riding the Waves of Color

Imagine a world where the roads become a canvas, and ordinary trucks transform into moving masterpieces. Enter the captivating realm of Pakistani truck art, a dazzling fusion of vibrant colors and mesmerizing intricacy. Prepare to be spellbound as we embark on a journey through the history, symbolism, and cultural significance of this extraordinary art form. Join us as...

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Okara: The city of forgotten Mansions.

The past is a foreign country and making sense of anything that was with the lens of the present, is an exercise in futility. Two impressive colonial era mansions in District Okara in Punjab tend to bring this argument to the fore, leaving much space for conjecture and awe. In the Pakistan Army Dairy Farms land in Tehsil...

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The serenity of Kumrat Valley.

Planning a trip to Kumrat Valley as a Karachiite requires a lot of research. We had to invest 10 to 15 days to reach Islamabad, and then went further North. At the height of 8,100ft above sea level, Kumrat Valley is located in the Upper Dir region behind Gabral, Swat Kohistan. In the summers, the temperature ranges from...

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Khewra Salt Mine: Pink gold of Pakistan.

The Magnificent Salt Range of Pakistan Geographical Significance of the Salt Range Rich Historical and Topographical Features Notable Landmarks in the Salt Range Katas Raj Complex: A Place of Hindu Reverence Historic Forts and Shrines in the Region Wildlife Sanctuaries and Chinji National Park Serene Lakes Enhancing Tourist Appeal Khewra Salt Mine: A World-renowned Gem Location and Accessibility...

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Hyderabad: Hub of traditional Bangles.

For almost every South Asian woman, no traditional outfit is complete without the ‘Choori’ or the bangle. These delicate bracelets, traditionally made of glass, and embellished with gold designs are beautiful, vibrant, and an important accessory to every outfit. While bangles can be found in the old bazaars of every city in Pakistan, the most famous place in...

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Multicultural Rawalpindi: Reminisce of Sujan Singh Haveli.

While most historical research work regarding Partition talks about the violence in Lahore, many are unaware that the city of Rawalpindi was equally affected by the horror and destruction that took place in the wake of Partition. Now, only the dilapidated Hindu and Sikh mansions hidden in Rawalpindi’s busiest bazaars give a glimpse into Rawalpindi’s vibrant multicultural history....

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