Multicultural Rawalpindi: Reminisce of Sujan Singh Haveli.

While most historical research work regarding Partition talks about the violence in Lahore, many are unaware that the city of Rawalpindi was equally affected by the horror and destruction that took place in the wake of Partition. Now, only the dilapidated Hindu and Sikh mansions hidden in Rawalpindi’s busiest bazaars give a glimpse into Rawalpindi’s vibrant multicultural history....

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Spilling the tea from China to Pakistan.

How do you like your tea? Whether it’s sweet or bitter, strong or milky, part of a gathering or a solitary morning routine, tea is everywhere. With over a thousand varieties, tea is the second-most popular drink in the world, next to water. Its longstanding properties and benefits made it a vital crop to control in a time...

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Hala- The hub of traditional handicrafts and ceramics.

Sindhi crafts are famous and cherished throughout the country, as they are a tangible part of our cultural heritage and aesthetics. Sindhi crafts are not just sought after for their beauty and color, but also for their unique, intricate details that have been perfected by craftsmen for generations. These practices are worth preserving and acknowledging for sheer skill...

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Jain Mandir-An ode to old Lahore.

Anyone who has lived in Lahore and used the public transport of the city, is sure to have heard one name being shouted at the top of the lungs by the conductors and drivers of the city, Jain Mandir Stop. For a very long time in Lahore’s cultural consciousness the Jain Mandir remained only that, a bus stop....

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Old Shikarpur- The forgotten city of Sindh.

It is a tragedy that people are not aware of the wonders of Shikarpur during its glory days in either the 17th Century or the early 20th Century. Located in the province of Sindh, Shikarpur was once one of the most commercially and strategically important points in the Subcontinent. It was a meeting point between great empires: The...

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Does Music Help In Increasing Your IQ?

In ancient Subcontinent, the art of music enjoyed a very important status in society. Music was used as a means of religious and spiritual expression and thus gained immense patronage even by the royals. Over time, this status of music diminished and now music is only associated with entertainment. With people being more focused on science and mathematics,...

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