CELEB FITNESS IN FOCUS Here’s Actress Anum Fayyaz spilling her secrets to Social Diary:

With the onset of a pandemic, remaining fit is becoming a tad harder than usual. Here’s to getting inspiration from your favorite stars on how to keep the rhythm going and maintaining a wholesome lifestyle.

What is your philosophy on health and fitness?
My philosophy is pretty simple, containing three steps. Eating healthy, working out often and holding a positive state of mind.

Would you call yourself a health freak-elaborate?
Yes, I do justice to my health by keeping my gym workouts regular and maintaining my diet plans.

Any fad diets that worked for you?
Yes, mostly GM diet and Banana diet.

Your wellness routine before going to bed?
I like to kick my reading habit. And I mostly read novels as well as Islamic books.

How do you keep your workout interesting at home during pandemic?
I work out and I have added my own level of interest by involving and working out with my baby boy Muhammad Salaar Asad.

Eating Healthy or Working Out? What works better for you?

A fitness guru you idolize?
My husband

Working out at home or the gym?
I would prefer my gym.

Your favorite smoothie/healthy beverage recipe?
Triple-Berry Smoothie: Blend 1 1/2 cups mixed blackberries, strawberries and raspberries with 1 cup each milk and ice, and sugar to taste.

What is your health motto?
Eat Healthy- You Won’t Regret It

When out with friends, where do you often like to dine?
Any place with less public

The first thing you aim to do right after waking up?
Pray Fajr.

Do you believe in cheat days? If so, what’s the main item on the menu?
Yes, I do believe in letting your guard down once a while and having cheat days. Usually, I like to indulge in some creamy Alfredo Pasta.

What are your picks for
the following perfect meals?

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, cereal, and black coffee
Pre-workout: Banana/granola bars, Brown rice with chicken
Post-workout: Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables, cottage cheese with fruits, egg omelet with avocado
Lunch: Fruits or salad
Dinner: Lemon chicken with brown rice
Snacks: Banana chips & dry fruits
Guilty pleasures: Slice of lotus, Doritos chips and maybe Toblerone

What remains your favorite healthy food/recipe?
Caesar salad.

Where does your inspiration to live fit comes from?
Jennifer Lopez

Your views on adapting superficial standards of beauty? How can these be rectified?
I don’t believe in adapting superficial standards of beauty.

Do you follow and adapt meditation tactics in your daily routine?
Yes, I do give ME time to myself and often indulge in various meditation tactics.


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