CELEB FITNESS IN FOCUS Here’s Reema Khan spilling her secrets to Social Diary

With the onset of a pandemic, remaining fit is becoming a tad harder than usual. Here’s to getting inspiration from your favorite stars on how to keep the rhythm going and maintaining a wholesome lifestyle.

What is your philosophy on health and fitness?
Clean and fresh air to breath; energizing diet, social distancing and regular exercise.

Would you call yourself a health freak-elaborate?
I consciously take care of myself with healthy eating habits.

Any fad diets that worked for you?
Balanced diet is the objective.

Eating Healthy or Working Out? What works better for you?
Both, I prefer prescribed intake of calories.

A fitness guru you idolize?
Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts.

Do you believe in cheat days? If so, what’s the main item on the menu?
Yes, I relish paratha and listen to my pallate.

What are your picks for
the following perfect meals?

Breakfast: cereals
Pre-workout: I drink warm water with honey
Post-workout: fresh juice
Dinner: salad, soup, grilled chicken with veggies
Snacks: shami kabab with honey wheat bread.
Guilty pleasures: halwa, cakes and chocolates

The first thing you aim to do right after waking up?
I offer my gratitude to Allah for blessing me with another dawn

Your wellness routine before going to bed?
Read some good literature and then slip into slumber.

How do you keep your workout interesting at home during pandemic?
By playing ping pong and hide and seek with my little one.

From where does your inspiration to living fit comes from?
I drive inspiration from the showbiz celebrities who remain physically fit in spite of their busy schedules.

Did You Know?
Grill the Perfect Chicken 
The first thing to think about when grilling chicken is which cut to pick. Do you have a lot of time to kick back and grill, or is this a fast weeknight dinner that has to happen in 30 minutes? Remember that the larger the cut of chicken (whole birds, bone-in chicken breasts, whole legs), the longer it will take to cook. Stick with boneless or even consider cutting boneless chicken into small pieces and threading it onto skewers if the cooking needs to happen quickly.


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