“Committing towards the Care of Our Community” Afsheen Zeeshan chats with Social Diary

SD: You have committed your life to serving others- give us an overview of your achievements?
Afsheen: I am social activist, an educationist and former senior vice president of Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I was nominated and selected as a finalist for UNDP’s N-Peace Awards 2015 in the category of Untold Stories. I have the honor of receiving the Excellence Award by President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi in June 2022. I presented programs on a radio channel to bring awareness about women rights in conflict areas of Pakistan and initiated many entrepreneurial projects for women to provide them empowerment and financial stability. I am also the co-producer of a documentary that addresses the challenges faced by working women in Pakistani society. I have been working voluntarily for orphan kids of Humara Ghar, Ghonsla Orphanage, Stephen Relief Foundation and Special children of CFSP for the last twelve years. Currently, I am enrolled in a PhD program of a Malaysian university and working on my thesis that highlights the significance of women empowerment in climate change adaptation and disaster management.

SD: Among your impressive titles and roles, which remains most closest to you and why?
Afsheen: My volunteer work as a member of Caring Community is very close to my heart because our society is strengthened by the service of its volunteers. When we stand side-by-side to help others, our differences fade away and we learn that Pakistanis have more in common than we realize. Volunteers not only save resources for the community; it also brings us together by removing all the differences.
SD: What is the vision of Caring Community?
Afsheen: Caring Community is a group of volunteers who dedicate time towards the welfare of deprived stratum of society. We organize fundraising and entertaining activities for the orphans and special children especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan and on Independence Day. People from different walks of life are part of our network and participate regularly in all the activities.
SD: Were there any major setbacks you had to face in pursuing your goals?
Afsheen: There was a time when my responsibilities towards my family were suffering. I was not able to manage my M.Phil, home and work simultaneously. I had to resign and sacrifice my career goals because my family is my first priority. It was my own decision but ALLAH Rub-ul-Izaat helped me and after taking some break, I was able to achieve a position better than the previous one and things became manageable for me.

SD: Shed some light on your family and how do you balance your professional goals with personal responsibilities?
Afsheen: I got married in 2002 and my husband runs a construction company. Alhumdulilah, I am a mother of twin daughters who are 19 years and going abroad for their undergraduate degrees. They are co-authors of the book “Twin Travellers” in which they shared their national and international travel experiences. My family is the biggest support for me and they are the reason that I am able to keep a strong balance between my personal and professional life.
SD: Personalities that inspire you?
Afsheen: That would definitely have to
be Abdul Sattar Edhi and Mother Teressa.

SD: Your words of wisdom to our readers?
Afsheen: Together we can build a beautiful future and show the light of hope to our present and future generations. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Keep up the good work and please spread positivity always.
SD: Your vision for a progressive Pakistan?
Afsheen: I look and strive towards the positive image of the country, both internally and globally. The best of Pakistan’s art, fashion, culture, music must be promoted and the developing sectors of the country must be brought forward. It cannot be done without empowering the women of our society.


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