Concealer or Foundation? Which Comes First

T his is probably the first thing people get confused about- which to apply first in your makeup regime- concealer or foundation?

The truth is that the order in which you apply products can vary based on your personal appearances. Maybe you feel that you want to first put on makeup first, or you would like to first off with your base. Or perhaps you are into applying translucent powder and setting spray before foundation. No matter which order you prefer, you likely incorporate both concealer and foundation at some point during your makeup regimen. And while it might not ultimately matter which one you apply first, experts reveal that there are a few pros and cons in applying one before the other.
Applying concealer before foundation can be beneficial in that you’ll likely end up using less foundation — and you may even decide to forgo foundation all together once you see the “awakening results” of concealer. Of course, that depends on the type of concealer you use and whether or not you use more than one concealer. A trick is to use two shades. In addition to using a brightening concealer, consider using another color that’s just a step up from the first shade, as it can be used to spot spot-correct blemishes or pigmentation. Some people like using concealer before foundation to achieve a technique called “underpainting,” where concealer is used to highlight. You start by applying concealer and your contour, then foundation is applied on top. It gives the skin more dimension and lots of durability.
Some people prefer applying foundation first, which allows concealer to act as a highlighter. Certain people prefer concealer to be one or two shades lighter than to their skin color so as to create an illumination in all the places light would hit naturally. It also adds dimension to my facial features. For others, they only use foundation first if “warming up” the complexion to match their body. This happens a lot in the summer months when people wear loads of sunscreen on their face and neglect their bodies.” To take the warmth up a notch, they will take their foundation shade up and then apply concealer afterward so that it doesn’t feel too light. A downside of utilizing this method outside of the sunnier months is that you might use more foundation than what is needed in order to compensate for looking less awake.

The order ultimately depends on three factors: your technique, the formula of the foundation and concealer, and the finish. When applying concealer before foundation, you can control the amount of highlight or brightness needed. What’s more, starting with concealer helps prime the face for the rest of your base makeup while adding dimension and brightness under the eye.



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