Cosmetology in Pakistan

In conversation with Dr. Tauqir Ahmad

Cosmetologist and Laser Surgeon


Dealing with the smog issues, we know all of you would be concerned about your facial condition. Skin care is to be taken very seriously. Social Diary had the honor of chatting with Dr. M. Tauqir Ahmad who is a well-known Cosmetologist and Laser Surgeon practicing in London, Lahore and Karachi. As a UK graduate doctor & a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine with a special interest in Dermatology, he has been at the forefront of developing and promoting new treatments. His range of celebrity patients included Miss Scotland and Miss Earth Ireland, and he has been the go to Cosmetic doctor for many within the Fashion and Beauty industry.

In your opinion what is the scope of cosmetology in the fashion world?

If taking a holistic approach to cosmetology, then it becomes an integral part of the fashion and beauty world because all these fields are aimed at enhancing personal appearance whether it’s how you look, what you wear or how you feel.

What is the difference between a skin specialist and a cosmetologist? 

A better classification would be the skin specialist is called a dermatologist and what a cosmetic dermatologist is known as a cosmetologist. The clinical dermatologist focuses on skin diseases and their management. The cosmetic dermatologist focuses on acne, pigmentation, rosecea working on the concept of “Even Skin tone”. In addition cosmetic dermatology is rapidly expanding and is one of the fastest growing modern medical specialties.

How did you decide to become a cosmetologist?

When I started off, in the UK cosmetologists are known as aesthetic physicians. There was a think tank of doctors who approached me because of my work in weight loss management and invited me to discussions. The rest is history.

How do you differentiate yourself from the other cosmetologists in Pakistan?

This is a question better answered by my patients and not by me. However fundamentally I take the holistic approach to the patient.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Most challenging part is educating the patients that there is more to aesthetic medicine than “Botox and Fillers” also educating patients about realistic expectations about the treatments.

Tell us about the latest technologies used at your clinic?

Being at the fore-front at the international cosmetic arena we keep ourselves abreast with the latest technology. Our flagship newest technology is the Thermi RF platform and PRGF Biofilling.

What are the latest procedures that your well-known celebrity clients are requesting?

These are Thermi RF treatments, PRGF Vitality Lifts and DMK skin management.

Tell us about new treatments that you are currently developing?

We are currently working on setting up regenerative medicine lab. This involves setting up a state of the art stem cell research lab. At present internationally there are a limited number of them. Although other treatments are offered, the efficacy of this treatment leaves a lot desired. We are developing robotic stem cell treatments and are also working on non-surgical treatments for cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic gynaecology.

How is your approach to cosmetology and dermatology different?

I use an evidence based approach while performing treatments.

What newest product or procedure do you consider to be a game changer?

The introduction of aesthetic regenerative medicine in conjunction with state of the art non-surgical rejuvenation.

What are the essential skin-care steps you consider must-haves for a good daily regimen?

Essentials are, they must wash, must cleanse their skin with a good cleanser, must moisturize the skin and use a sun-screen with anti-oxidant properties.

What beauty trend have you seen over the course of your career that you wish would go away?

The “Plastic Fantastic” look.

What is the one anti-aging myth you wish everyone would stop believing?

If you stop anti-aging your skin becomes worse than before.

How do darker Asian skin tones differ in treatment than fairer skin tones?

Principle difference is treating skin conditions such as acne and pigmentation.

What do you think are the current cosmetology trends in Pakistan?

Skin lifting and Skin tightening.

What are the mistakes made by Pakistanis when it comes to selecting a procedure/therapy?

Pakistanis do not want long term anti aging treatments in fact they want short term treatments, whereas long term results are dependent upon having successful age management technology.

What advice do you have for those who are seeking cosmetic surgeries or therapies in Pakistan?

Think about process involved in aging…

(1) Try to adopt holistic approach and use natural products.

(2) A good skincare regime is essential.



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