DESTINED FOR THE STARS! Let’s get to know Sumbul Iqbal Khan


Sumbul Iqbal Khan is an epitome of grace, beauty and bubbliness. She has made her stance in the world of entertainment, having starred in some of the best drama serials, showcasing her worth as a talented actress who continues to impress audience with whatever role she takes on.

We sat down with the mega talented star to have a quick chit chat on what defines her perspective and attitude towards life and all that matters.

So, here’s presenting
the very dynamic Sumbul’ in a quick rendezvous with Social Diary:

SD: Tea or coffee
SD: PJs or Parties
SD: Morning person or night owl
Morning person
SD: If you weren’t an actor, you would have been a ….


SD: The one thing the pandemic has taught you
I have learnt to feel a new sense of appreciation for the people around me. I feel a renewed sense of love and gratefulness on so many different levels. I have also come to realize that we shouldn’t take so many good things going for us, for granted. I have also been spending ample time with the family and dabbing into the art of cooking. The pandemic has completely changed my perception on life. I feel like a completely different person now for what I’ve learned through this life-changing experience.
SD: Your dream destination
Antarctica, Newfoundland and Greece
SD: Your Weakness
Detail oriented approach
SD: Your Strength
Being flexible, having a continuous learning curve through my family
SD: Best thing about your job
I am absolutely in awe of the work I do. I get to live a number of characters through the roles I play.
SD: Worst thing about my job
The only drawback I can think of is that I often have to work for almost 12 hours a day
SD: Your inspiration
My mother
SD: Three things always in your bag
A power bank, wallet and a hand sanitizer
SD: Favorite drama
It’s hard to name just one
Favorite Television Series
Emily in Paris
An actor you wish to work with
I want to work with every great and hardworking actor

Success Doesn’t Come and Find You- You Have to Go Out and Get It!

Having made her mark in a very short span of time, Sumbul has shown her fantastic acting skills in drama serials like ‘Roag’, ‘Rukhsar’, ‘Aik Pal’, ‘Tumse Mil Kay’, ‘Mery Khuwab Reza Reza’, and ‘Teri Berukhi’.An inspiration for young girls, she is the living example of how you can attain the best when you aim and work towards the best!


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