DIGITAL STARS! Major Faces in 2021



If there is one thing we know, the digital world is in itself a major platform that is allowing for various artists and stars to shine and make their mark with their distinctiveness and unique work and talent. While there are many out there who have been generating quite the buzz, we want to hit the spotlight on these major stars who didn’t let the pandemic dim their shine in any way:


Dua Siddiqui

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must know this year Dua Siddiqui ruled the scene as one of the hottest beauty influencers. She showcased her distinctive style through her videos, sharing amazing content which reflects her own suave.

Ali Gul Pir

Rapper and comedian, Ali Gul Pir is someone who really stands for what he believes in. Having has his own share of controversies who doesn’t shy away from wrapping a head scarf or wearing a pink dress to mimic any meme-worthy content online, Ali knows how to make it big! He has taken to Twitter to reassure trolls that his masculinity cannot be defined by them, nor can his content. We are in awe of his confidence and support his style and very unique creation.

Iqra Mehmood

She is creating quite the buzz with her confidence, her looks and her major vogue look. Iqra is one of the most well-known faces having made quite a name for herself as we have been seeing her rocking across various platforms and brands. This happening face is here to stay and her determination to make it big shines through her Instagram.

Laraib Rahim

Considered as one of the best emerging artists of this era, TikTok Star Laraib has suddenly been making a name for herself as she prominently creates a stance in the world of beauty & style. She is extremely popular among her fans and has a huge following as she makes a poignant mark in the world of glamor and galore with her unique beauty and extremely catchy personality!


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