Discovering The Hilly Area of Thandiani

Who can deny the absolutely glorious and scenic routes in our country? There is just so much to look and marvel into! Only when you start to explore, will you be able to enjoy the lush greenery at such elevated heights! This week, come and discover with Social Diary a remarkable, elevated haven of serenity not very far away from the capital.

Thandiani region is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. It comes at an altitude of 34.2318300, and longitude of 73.3519700. The thing that makes it stand out is that it is has so much happening for it- you can marvel into the purity of nature. It has all that Murree can offer but interestingly, it comes without the complete rush and hustle and bustle of traffic you will find in that region. It makes up for an amazing ride. The lush peaks of various trees are extremely fascinating. And the flora and fauna is what makes Pakistan’s natural beauty a spectacular vision that is attracting local and foreigner tourists alike. This is one of the best hilly
area and tourist places in Pakistan. It is located in the south of Abbottabad in Pakistan. On the northwest side of Thandiani there are snow-white ranges of Swat and Chitral. The literal meaning of Thandiani is cold which clearly indicates the atmosphere of place. People usually visit tourist places of Thandiani to enjoy the natural beauty and snow on the mountains.

A Cup of Coffee in the Mountains

Thandiani in only one and half hour’s drive take from Nathiagali and an hour’s from Abbottabad, situated eastward of Abbottabad at a distance of 24 km. This small but fascinating hill station (8400 m above sea level) is a cool and comfortable place settled on a mountain. Thandiani hills are about nine thousand feet above from the sea level. Villages nearby Thandiani tourist places are Inderseri, Chattri, Mohalla Jabbri and Sialkot. People residing in this area are usually Sardar, Qureshi, and Gujjar. Due to the high altitude of the place the sceneries are very attractive and excellent. People from all over the world come to enjoy its beauty.The place usually gets many visits from tourists during the summer season. In winter season the weather becomes very much cold and icy. And often it is covered with deep snow, blocking the roads and making it impossible for you to reach the peaks and marvel the sights and sounds. But what makes it the ultimate spot is you can completely immerse and forget about all the chaos when you are sitting amongst the clouds at the highest of peak, sipping some aromatic coffee. There is just nothing which can beat that view! The forested mountains with lush green and large trees. Among the many things you can actually do while up there is hiking, trailing, as well as jogging and camping. The native people of that place usually recommend tourists to not go deep into the forests due to the danger of wild animals. These wild animals include leopard, monkeys, pheasant, squirrel and other dangerous creatures. Due to the high geographical position the mountains of Kohistan and Kaghan Valley are actually visible from Thandiani. The cool breeze in the area refreshes the mind of the people and gives them a comfortable and soothing feeling. The water in the region is cold and sweet. In fact you will also find the people of Thandiani also extremely sweet and friendly. The welcome and the ambience of this place is just absolutely divine. You can spend hours in this magical place. It has so much to offer. A galore of wonders, Thandiani is definitely a majestic location. Some people even call it as the place where the clouds rest and there is just no denying this! While you may be wanting to explore and learn the greatness of nature in our country, it only makes sense you marvel and enjoy the beauty of a place which is subtle but has everything to make it the best place for quality family time!

“It has all that Murree can offer but interestingly, it comes without the complete rush and hustle and bustle of traffic you will find in that region”

5 Things You Didnt Know About Thandiani

  • Thandiani in the local language means ‘very cold’ and so it is!
  • The local wildlife includes the increasingly rare flying squirrel and pine marten
  • Most of the people residing here belong to the Karlal, Syed, Awan, Abbasi, and Gujjar tribes
  • Thandiani was originally granted as a lease to some members of the Battye family in British India, who were Christian missionaries and also found in civil and military service
  • They gifted the location to the church authorities, where a Sanatorium and various other facilities were set up


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