Here’s something we all absolutely love- candles. They are just so amazing in so many ways. But you know what’s more amazing is when you put our own creativity to good use. And that allows you to create your very own spread of gorgeous candles.
We love the idea of making these candles to fit a decor theme for a holiday or party or for matching the colors in your home.Cast a custom glow with these color-blocked candles. They are super easy to make and are actually one of the best gift ideas, allowing you to make someone special feel even more loved. Personalized gifts can’t get any better than this:

Qurat Sikander

What You’ll Need

White taper candles
Candle flakes
Candle dye
Disposable Foam Cups
Candle Melting Pot
Large Wooden Craft Sticks
Painter’s Tape

How to Make DIY Dip Dye Candles

Step 1. Prepare th candles for dipping by wrapping the wicks in painter’s tape. Set aside.
Step 2. Melt the wax in the melting pot on the stove according to package directions.
Step 3. Break up the cand


le dye pieces into smaller bits to make it easier to melt and place each desired color in its own disposable foam cup.
Step 4. Once the wax in the pot is completely liquid, pour a couple of inches of the wax into each of the cups where the dye is prepared.
Step 5. Using a large wooden craft stick, stir the wax in each cup until the candle dye has dissolved completely.
Step 6. Once the dye has dissolved, dip one end of the white taper candles in the first desired color. If you pull the candle out of the wax and the color is not as vibrant as you’d like, re-dip until you have reached your desired shade.
Step 7. Once you are happy with the dipped color, hold the candle over the wax until it is no longer dripping, then put it in a candle stick to let dry, or set against something that will keep it upright.
Step 8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 with all of your desired colors, dipping on each end of each candle.
Step 9. Once all of the candles are dipped and set, remove painter’s tape and display.



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