DIY Play Tents & Forts for Kids Let’s Get Creative

W hile it may be cold these days where you can’t indulge in many outdoor activities, it is best to get creative and opt for ways in creating really awesome indoor setups which depict camping and amazing playtime for the kids. Check out these amazing DIY play tents. Making your own DIY play tent or fort is a great way to save money; also these are mostly easy projects and would require mostly sewing or at the most woodwork but overall, they are fun projects you would want to get involved in. Check out these awesome styles:

1 Magical play awaits your kids with this DIY Viking play tent. Built mainly out of pine boards, this is a sturdy tent that will withstand even the roughest of play.

2 Here’s another no-sew tent that the kids would love to have. This is an easy project that will take you less than an hour to make and uses items that you probably already have on hand.

3 This one uses PVC pipes as support and bandanas sewn together to form the outside of the tent. This tent can easily be taken down when not in use, simply take the frame apart and roll the cover around the frame.

4 This DIY play tent starts with an unusual object—a hula hoop! You’ll need quite a bit of fabric for this project and it does require sewing but the outcome is a cute and cozy tent that the kids are going to love.

5 If you don’t mind some sewing, this adorable DIY play tent may be the project for you. It starts with a hula hoop top and then some fabric is sewn together to form a frame. The fabric choice here is unique and smart: sheets are used for both the upper portion and the lower portion of the tent.

6 Here’s a play tent that would be great for the kids but also gives the adults a great place to cuddle under and enjoy the great outdoors. Long branches are used as the frame for the tent and then the flaps of the tent cover are tied down to the ground to provide some extra support.

7 Let your little one feel like true royalty in their castle (or bedroom!) with this precious wall decor canopy. You can also feature it with a beautiful white cloud look with cut-out accents.

8 These kinds of floral teepees are such which do not just look amazing but they are also an amazing addition to your child’s, specifically your baby’s room. So while they may not be of much actual use, they do add to the ambience and make it stand out!



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