Don’t Cover Your Features— Enhance Them!

Natural makeup looks That Bring Out Your Best Features

Part of the fun of wearing makeup is the ability to play with and accentuate your features. If one day you want to exaggerate the look of your lips, a little lip liner above your actual lip line can help give the illusion of a juicy-looking pout. There are just so many ways you can amp your look and define your gorgeous self. In this article I am going to be giving you the best tips for getting a faux-face lift, using none other than makeup products which you can easily find within your home.

by Samara Aleem

Making lips look their plumpest comes down to keeping them moisturized, but the key to that is something you may not have guessed. You should be doing a lip scrub first to get rid of the dry skin. Not only will rubbing your pucker with a gritty sugar- or salt-infused product help your lip balm or oil of choice penetrate more fully, but your lip products will go on much smoother and stay on longer. Many people find that a true foundation is too heavy for a low-key, natural makeup look, not to mention that using too much is one of the makeup mistakes that can seriously age your face. Tinted moisturizer to the rescue! These sheerer formulas moisturize and often protect with built-in SPF while adding just a hint of color, evening out skin tone and giving you a subtle boost of brightness. Pro tip: Look for ultra-hydrating formulas with moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin for a plumping effect that will help hide fine lines.
Want to give your cheeks a flirty hint of color that looks like it’s coming from within? Reach for a cream formula. Applied either by fingers or with a brush, a cream lends a more life-like finish to the skin, as opposed to powder, which can look a bit cakey in sunlight. They double as tinted lip balm, soothing lips or skin with green tea extract and aloe vera. They’re also sheer enough to be universally flattering.
What curled lashes do for your eyes, brushed-up brows do for your face. They make you look more awake and feel more energized. This move is very easy to pull off. First, try brushing brows straight up using a spoolie brush. If that doesn’t suit your face (or you just don’t like the way it looks), brushing the hair at a diagonal up toward your temples will give you a softer—but still uplifted—effect.
Calling a see-through veil of shadow on the eyes a “breath of fresh air,” it’s a “a refreshing alternative to the super heavy makeup we usually see on social media.” Here’s how to recreate this natural makeup look yourself: Simply use a big, fluffy brush to dust on a very fine layer of light color. Remember, you can always build if you want a little more coverage. Pastels, rosy hues, and soft metallics are all good bets here, but you’ll want to stay away from anything too red or yellow, which can wash out your eyes or make you look like you’re under the weather. Not sure which shade to choose? Reaching for one of the softer hues in the best eyeshadow palette for your eye color is a no-brainer.
Full brows can project power, as they draw attention to both your eyes and bone structure. Try a micro-brow pencil. The tip is fine enough to mimic natural brow hairs. Choose a shade similar to your natural brow hue, and use it to gently color in sparse areas. Flick the color in the same growth direction as brows. You can then blend with a clean eye shadow brush if needed. When it’s time to clean that brush or any other, make sure you have an effective makeup brush cleaner on hand.
For clump-free lashes, it’s all about how you apply your mascara. First, pick a lengthening formula rather than a volumizing one, which can get a little too intense for a natural look. Second, use his two-coat application technique: Start by combing mascara straight through your lashes in the direction they naturally grow to get that first defining and separating coat. Next, do a second coat where you rotate the brush as you apply, which builds slight volume at the base and helps lift the lashes. This ensures you get maximum length without causing clumps.
Making your cheekbones look sky-high is all about recreating what happens when they naturally catch the light, by way of a highlighter. Getting the finish to stay subtle so you don’t look like a disco ball in the sun comes down to the quality of the pigment. It’s honestly just about a better formula with finely milled pigments. Chunky particles look like glitter, and overly metallic looks artificial.
How to get that yours-but-better lip tone? Reach for a tinted lip balm, as opposed to a lipstick. These sheer formulas are more forgiving, so you don’t have to hunt quite as hard for your “perfect match.” They come in seven flattering shades and contain collagen-boosting peptides that increase lip volume while also providing essential moisture. You’ll also feel good buying from this woman-owned business that’s on a mission to simplify women’s lives and create clean beauty products in the process.




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