In Conversation with Zenab Muzafar Driven Passionately to Amazing Things!

It is you…only you who gets to decide what you can and cannot attain. And sometimes you might end up surprising yourself with your own capabilities. Digital creator Zenab Muzafar is passionately driven towards her goals in life. A practicing doctor, she is a content creator as well as a highly popular fitness coach. Aiming to follow her lifestyle goals and aspirations, she is also committed to taking her family in the same stride.Social Diary had a word with this mega talented personality to know more on how she juggles everything and what she is aiming for this year and more to come.


SD: What led you to become a digital personality?
Zenab: I have always considered myself as a person who overshares plenty. Also I have felt myself the most when I was sharing little tidbits of myself online . So I thought why not do it officially. And this is how it all came together.
SD: How do you create a balance between your personal and professional life?
Zenab: At the expense of sounding cliche, I would have to say it takes a lot of effort. People can’t see it behind the screens but I literally have to compartmentalize my life and time into sections so that I can get everything done. There is no magic wand- you have to roll up your sleeves and make it work.
SD: As a fitness coach, what are the three things that you follow religiously?
Zenab: Your body and mind reflects what you consume. Like low quality fuel destroys a car’s engine , in a similar fashion poor food choices destroy your heart and mind . So I always mind my calories religiously and if I have to overindulge I make sure to work it off afterwards.
SD: What is your regime to creating your personal fashion statement?
Zenab: My only regime is to wear whatever I feel most confident in . If it’s giving you confidence, nothing else matters. Nobody’s opinion matters. If I wear something and it makes me feel like a badass babe , I wear it loudly and proudly . The key is just to be confident.
SD: With so many creating their brand on social platforms, is the competition limiting the way to self-expression?
Zenab: Oh yes , there is kind of an oversaturation situation going on right now in the social media world . But if your work is unique and personal , you will stand out no matter how many fish there are in the sea and you will find your people. Your distinctive equation will make things work for you.
SD: Who has inspired you to consistently strive ahead and continue to make your mark?
Zenab: My parents and my husband as well as my sister . Alhumdulillah they are so supportive of anything that I do and literally I couldn’t function without any one of them .
SD: Would you consider venturing into movies and dramas anytime soon?
Zenab: I haven’t given it a thought. But if the right opportunity presents itself and it resonates with me , why not ?
SD: Your words of inspiration to those who wish to create a mark in their fields of passion?
Zenab: Do whatever you do with passion and love . Give your hundred percent . Anything that you do half way will drain you too . Be humble as well as be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room.


Best memory from childhood?
Me visiting literally every theme park and Disneyland with my family.
Your most prized possession?
A pair of my mom’s earrings . She gave me these just a day before my wedding. They make me feel safe and like she is always with me .

Your favorite model?
They are always changing but these days it’s a girl… Abeera riaz. She’s my girl crush!
The one thing that is a mood killer?
People who talk too loudly . I enjoy silence . It’s not that I don’t like hustle and bustle but personal conversations should not be so loud that the whole room is distracted by you .
Three things you have with you all the time?
My phone, my headphones and a travel sized perfume
Your life’s motto?
When you give joy to other people, you get more joy in return. You should give good thought to the happiness that you can give out.
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast
Late night enthusiast for sure

Desi Wear or Western
Can’t choose one . Both
Deepest Fear
Losing the people that I love
Biggest Regret
Not fighting for myself in the face of oppression.
An Inspiring Model
My mother . She is literally the strongest woman I know.
Biggest Strength
Allah. My faith in Him gives me strength every day .
Someone you wish to meet
J. K Rowling
Top 3 things on your bucket list
See the northern lights in Iceland
Learn a new language
Perform Hajj with my son and husband
Your favorite brand
It’s for sure Zara but current favorite ethnic brand is ethnicbyoutfitters
Your idol fitness brand
Chloe Ting . She is just so honest and down to earth and extremely realistic.




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