Dua Malik

By Nudrat Mustafa

Come join us as we chat with none other than Dua Malik about everything in life, from job, to marriage and children.

Please tell us about your background, education, family etc.

What could be more interesting than being a mixture of Punjabi and Pathan. Got my basic education from my city of lights Karachi and then higher education in business from the land closest to my heart UK.


How did you enter in the showbiz industry?

It was very random. I never even thought about coming on screen. Was selected as a morning show host at one of the leading channels we have and then been offered commercials public appearances and now my first ever serial! It all just came my way itself.


You are a super amazing sister of super star Humaima Malick. Has it helped you getting into this industry?

BIG NO! We go through auditions and selections. Learning procedures. This is how we are. We would rather give each other space to learn and grow than to provide 2 minute noodle.


What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I love wearing whatever I want, having the best makeup, and power to influence woman out there!

Tell us what aspect of hosting you find the most difficult one? Why?

It was interviewing legendry actors. Coz you really need to match and mirror with them. Get their pace and keep the respect element in the conversation. You have to watch carefully before you speak.


Is there leg pulling in the industry? Comment.

That is what it’s famous for! And no wonder it is everywhere other than our industry. It gives us that push to become stronger and stand taller. Learn n grow.


What one thing you want to improve about our entertainment industry?

Nepotism! It’s just not fair with the ones very talented and provided with no platform. You got to make your own face value! You got to work hard to get here!

Your fans are really interested in knowing that apart from Feroz and Humaima (being among the biggest stars of industry) your other siblings never wanted to join the industry? Why is it so?

Not at all. They are all well settled and belong to different professions and industries they really love! They were all book nerds all their lives ha-ha although we learnt all whatever we have from them


Tell us about your first encounter with your husband Sohail Haider? When did you come to know that he is that special one?!

It was love at first sight and we are still strongly in love with each other… grows stronger everyday… I love him from the core of my heart he is my backbone my best friend. Universe couldn’t get me better than him I’m glad I made decision the first moment I saw him! I knew I am going to marry him.

Any fun fact about you that people are not aware of?

That I am a certified reiki healer and NLP therpaist from American board of Neuro Linguistic. I have my coach Arslan Larik who made my life goals crystal clear for me. Took me out of everything and made it moving and going fast fwd. life coaching is something people in Pakistan are not aware of much. But it is life changing decision to make.


You always look so great, and have managed to stay in shape even after having two kids Mash Allah. What’s your secret?

Run around them all day . Don’t sleep well at night. Have bites whenever you get time. Have an upside down schedule giggles! Joking! It’s in the gene baby!


Who is stricter on your kids? You or your husband?

We play good cop and bad cop. I am the bad one! Sohail just can’t help his easy nature! So I know I have to take command.

-13. Quick fire:

Lahore or Islamabad


Meat or Vegetables


Guilty pleasure food vice

Say Cheese!

Movie or books?

Definitely Books

Morning person or night owl

Early bird


Please share with us the experience of your journey of Hajj? How has it changed you as a person?

Ahh… I could write a book on that I would suggest to every reader… don’t worry about anything. even if everything is falling apart. whenever you gather enough money JUST DO IT! and when you come back you will see everything falls back into right place. just go with that attitude with the belief and trust me it’s unforgettable. it teaches patience, brotherhood, your in direct contact with Allah. you would see the place where we all will gather after dooms day…. and what not… I wish I had words to explain my hajj experience all I can say it the most righteous decision I’ve ever made in entire life.


Your message to the aspiring actors who take you as an inspiration, through the platform of Social Diary Magazine?

Remember, masterpieces take time.

Perfection is result of repeated action. no matter what get up dress up show up!  keep your head high and be in contact with the boss of the bosses. Allah!


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