Editor’s Forecast- 4 Color Trends We Would Like to See This Year

We have brought you all a little fashion summary from the end of Social Diary, where we think that these colors should make it to the trend list of in the year 2017. Let’s see where we go with that till then have a look at these fashion accessories we picked…


Salmon color brings something new to the available options, with some coral undertones.

Misty Yellow:

If there’s one unexpected color that dominated the runways last year, it was yellow. The hue in all shades, from bright to mustard cropped up in collections. Street style stars were also spotted wearing yellow more, too! We still are voting for it this year.

Flame Scarlet:

Red is known to be as anti-ageing and for its seductive powers, so why let this shades go out of trend anyway. This is something that’s going to be around forever.

Shades of Olives:

Olive can be a power player, though there must be no restriction on lighter or darker shades.

What do you think about our color picks? Let us know your thoughts on our Social Media platforms…


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