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Antoni: Let’s Do

Whether you’re looking for specific recipes—and who’s not in the mood for pulled-chicken nachos?—or a general guide to finding your kitchen mojo, this new book from Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski could be just what you need. Packed with the food expert’s delicious (but never overly complicated) recipes and advice on how to stock your kitchen with secret weapons, it’s a guide that will appeal to the culinary newbie and seasoned cook alike.

Setting the Mood

Meem Candle Studio is a Lahore based candle studio. It is the first ever candle studio of its kind. The 100% pure soy candles which wasn’t there before in Pakistan makes it very desirable. Made with soy wax, essential oils, and fine quality perfume oils, the scents are fresh and strong. Also the aesthetic is minimalist and chic to give the perfect touch to your space. Using 100% pure soy wax, there are no mixtures for an eco-friendly, clean burn. WHY SOY? No toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means these candles are less likely to trigger allergies. And no petrol-carbon soot like you get from petroleum-based paraffin candles. Check out the amazing collection @meemcandlestudio

Snow Leopard Cubs
Spotted in Khunjerab Park

@wwfpak have released stunning footage of two miracle snow leopard cubs found in Dhee Nala, in Khunjerab National Park, in Gilgit- Baltistan. A shocking report revealed that an estimated 220-450 snow leopards are killed globally. WWF-Pakistan has been working to restore and conserve endangered wildlife species in the country by supporting the management of national parks, reducing conflict between snow leopards and communities, boosting rural development, and mitigating illegal wildlife trade. The stunning footage was captured by wildlife photographer Imtiaz Ahmed. It was truly a remarkable sight! We just can’t help but marvel at all the wondrous sights within the peaks of Pakistan.


Who doesn’t like enjoying food which comes with a burst of great taste? At Burning Bull, get your taste buds satisfied with a range of options. Whether it’s a scrumptious steak or layers of grilled goodness with some of the best burgers in town, this is one place you ought to head out to get yourself spoiled for choice. The bun is soft and fresh and the meat patty is absolutely succulent as it melts in your mouth. Not to mention that it comes at a price which is easy to digest as well. Look into the amazing spread of flavors @burningbullisb

Mahira is
as Nigar!

Portraying Lieutenant General Nigar Johar, Mahira Khan absolutely nailed it. An actress who is successfully able to bring across the screen a spectrum of emotions, Mahira was definitely the right choice to take on such a role that required her to show and represent the professional as well as the personal life of a major heroic figure to the nation. This is no easy feat but it was definitely something which was done in a beautiful way. Apart from Mahira, the telefilm also stars actors Bilal Ashraf and Khushal Khan amongst others. Mahira and Nina Kashif have produced the film under the banner of their production house Soul Fry Film. The movie is emotional, heartwarming and we can’t help but feel extremely proud and moved by the performances. This is definitely one to be watched by the whole family!


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