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Cristiano Ronaldo Returns to Man Utd: Will he be a success?

This is the major news hitting this week! Man Utd have agreed a £19m deal to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back to Old Trafford from Juventus; Portuguese star scored 118 goals in 292 games for the club between 2003 and 2009, winning three Premier League titles and the Champions League; will he enjoy success there second time around? All the twists and turns of a summer-long transfer saga condensed into the space of a few days. Cristiano Ronaldo seemed destined for the Etihad Stadium but now an even more remarkable story is unfolding as he returns to Manchester United. Ronaldo is undoubtedly a different player from the one who left Old Trafford more than a decade ago but even at 36 years old, he remains an exceptional goalscorer. Only time will tell how his return is going to impact one of the greatest sports in history.

Everything I Have Is Yours: A Marriage By Eleanor Henderson

Marriage memoirs are like confessions—the more honest the better. And Eleanor Henderson’s mesmerizing chronicle of her two-decade marriage is ruthless. The love story is there: Eleanor is a novelist, ambitious, upwardly mobile. Aaron is none of those things. He’s moody, wounded, seemingly unemployable, and given to secrets. Henderson’s headlong narrative (she writes as if she’s conducting an exorcism) pulls their dynamic into painful focus. She builds a life—a career, a house, two boys—he tears it all apart with his mood swings, his addictions, mysterious ailments. Everything I Have Is Yours is a kind of tragedy but it’s an astonishingly humane one too.

That Personal & Cute Touch

We are always craving for some cute, personalized stationery. Vogue Aesthetic initially kicked off as a cute stationery supply store but quickly extended to a premium lifestyle shop where every single product is proudly Made in Pakistan by their very own craftsmen. The brand’s enhanced and creative workflow process for product planning, designing, customization and production stage ensures that the product design and quality are not compromised in any way. Vogue Aesthetic’s team is constantly on the lookout for introducing more valuable and premium products – All made in Pakistan! Check out some of their most adorable offerings. Visit @vogueaestheticpk


Oscars Calling! Submission From Pakistani Filmmakers

The Pakistani Academy Selection Committee invites Pakistani filmmakers to submit their films for Oscar consideration in the ‘International Feature Film Award’ category for the 94thAcademy Awards by 20th September2021. This will mark the ninth consecutive submission by the Pakistani Academy Selection Committee having previously submitted “Cake” in 2018, “Lal Kabootar” in 2019 and “Zindagi Tamasha” in 2020 to represent the best of Pakistani cinema for award consideration in the ‘International Feature Film’ category. The committee will choose one film as Pakistan’s official submission for the, International Feature Film Award’. An international film is defined as a feature-length motion picture (over 40 minutes) produced outside the United States of America and its territories with a predominantly (more than 50%) non-English dialogue track. We wish them all the very best!

Scenic View with a Cheesecake

Offering a wide variety of exquisite homemade, mouth watering desserts to fulfil daily cravings, we are loving the amazing collection of traditional and classic cheesecakes – incredibly Delicious. The cheesecakes are light, dense and rich. It is something you can treat yourself with or invite some friends over to enjoy perfectly refreshing and sweet desserts or bring in more with some savory specials which include delectable sandwiches. Bringing you a variety of appetizing patties and snacks, loaded with delicious flavors, head out to this incredibly scenic location and enjoy the sights with the food! Know more @frosted.cakesandmore



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