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Here’s a complete low-down on all that caught our editor’s eye the past week. What tickles your fancy ?

Unveiling PREDA! 

Pakistan’s top businesses across the fields of PR, Event Management, Digital and Activations have come together to form the nation’s first Council dedicated to the aforementioned fields: Announcing PREDA.
PREDA has been founded on the principles of promoting an industry that is transparent, ethical and professional, while also endeavoring to set new benchmarks for industry standards and innovation. The Council will also look to forge closer relationships with related businesses to find common solutions to common problems as well as to serve as a platform for all relevant businesses and clients to seek best practices, engage in constructive industry feedback and ultimately, to grow and strengthen Pakistan’s global industry footprint.

Going Bohogang!

This amazing luxury brand which is inspired by cultural legacy is one which highlights the need to look groovy and stand out from the crowd. We were completely blown away by the amazing products this site had to offer! From apparel, to bags from footwear to some amazing jewelry designs, there is so much to mingle into! This is one brand that definitely allows you to make a style statement. Enjoy some amazing choices and make yourself the talk of the town! Learn more @bohogang

Braille Menu – A Major Initiative!

Mac and Spud Restaurant at Bukhari commercial has launched the first Braille Menu in the Food and Beverage Industry in Pakistan. Sana Zamir and Humayun Rafique have taken this dynamic step to promote inclusion of the blind community in Karachi. Now all blind people and those with low vision will be able to access the menu and site of restaurants and independently experience and enjoy their dining experience! Disability is non-existent in the presence of structural and literary accessibility. Such initiatives by businesses, educational institutions, public places and government organisations can make a big difference in the lives of people with diverse abilities and different needs and lay the foundation for a truly inclusive society. Congrats to all who made this possible!

Chaye Pani & Co

Who can deny scrumptious burgers and mouth-watering steaks? We are loving the kind of spread this eatery is providing as your chai does not need to be boring anymore. Enjoy some great food choices from ChayePani & Co. You can opt for simple snacks with your beverage or you can choose to go for a complete dinner. There is so much to choose from. Head out to @chayepanico to see for yourself how you can enjoy your taste buds in a spread of great choices!

Intrusion Movie Review

I ntrusion is the latest middling Netflix thriller to hit the streaming service, this one coming with the angle of being more about a marriage’s problems than a home invasion.This is an entertaining, if not exactly groundbreaking, thriller from the “This Dream Home Is Not What It Seems” file. Intrusion has its moments, as the plot twists twist and the jump scares scare. Suspension of disbelief frays but doesn’t completely rip away. Successful architect Henry has designed a dream home for himself and his wife Meera as they escape the “rat race” of Boston to live on the far-enough outskirts of a New Mexico hamlet. It’s easy for the audience to get wrapped up in the seemingly good taste and luxury of this dream home, even as it starts to gradually sink in that it doesn’t have much warmth, as it’s all angles and gray, as impersonal as an Ikea showroom. Soon enough, this house becomes as tiresome as the close-up jump scares of Meera chopping produce at the kitchen island, and so by the time the third act story payoffs unfurl with visual menace and discordant horror movie synth tones, the movie ends as it teeters on the edge of wearing out its welcome.


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