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A Crime Thriller in the Making

The multi talented star, after the sweeping success of Hum Kahan Kay Sache Thay, Usman Mukhtar will soon be seen playing the lead role in a crime thriller movie playing the role of a police officer opposite Ushna Shah. Ace TVC director Zaheeruddin, under the banner of Dareechay Films, is directing his first feature film which is set to start shooting in Lahore in January 2022. “I am so happy to be a part of this project and it’s something we have discussed for some years with Zaheer (Bhai),” stated Usman Mukhtar. “Really hope the audience will enjoy what we have been working on.” This will be Mukhtar’s forth feature film after Janaan, Parchi and the unreleased Umro Ayar opposite Sanam Saeed.

Adele Teases with OMG

A dele has fans saying “Oh my God ” as she prepares to drop her newest music video. The 33-year-old singer teased the release of the video for her latest single “Oh My God” with a Snow White-inspired Instagram post, featuring a photo of herself holding a red apple as she poses in a stunning, shoulder-less red dress with long red fingernails.. The 15-time Grammy winner’s video is already creating major buzz. “Oh My God” is the fifth song on Adele’s fourth studio album, 30, which was released in November. The song delves into the emotions Adele experienced during her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki, whom she was with for about seven years before their 2019 split.


Start Writing

I t’s a shame that the habit of writing is actually dying out as people prefer to get everything typed out onto their laptops. But when you’ve got something as cool and funky as the notebooks from Kaghaz which have a really exciting range and even provide you with personalized options. You can also look into their selection of greeting cards which are distinctive and cool, personal diaries, journals and more. Need more reason to start penning down already?

Whisked Away

W hen you think of baked goods, your mind wanders to something sweet, soft, crumbly and flavorsome. There are just so many ways in which you can ensure you are getting your taste buds completely wowed with great flavors ! Whisked away knows how to get cakes right. They are made with so much love and have a range of delectable flavors. Also you should try those big, fluffy cinnamon rolls which are filled with buttery brown sugar cinnamon and covered in gooey cream cheese frosting. Check out their Insta @whiskedawaydessert and see ways in which you can make your sweet moments even sweeter!

Roof Tiles as Bird Shelters!

W e absolutely love this Turkish company which is selling roof tiles which also serve as bird shelters! Ali Arslan, one of the company partners, said that they started producing roof tiles with bird nests two years ago. They have sent 3 thousand products to various municipalities and institutions so far. Inside the Birdhouse, underneath the roof tile, a carefully designed nesting basket made of wood and bird screen is attached. This nesting basket ensures good ventilation, prevents the birds from moving to other places underneath your roof and makes it really easy to clean the nest after a breeding period. How super cool are these!




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