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Crafty & Whimsical

A rtsy Lens is a major innovator and is really impressive with her work on Insta. It is just completely spellbinding and really attracts you to these amazing drawings. Stating on her Insta handle-while going through these pictures today, I realized how each picture has its own story to tell. For me, these are not only drawings and paintings, they’re a whole album of memories, emotions, tears, laughter, hardships, from my hard times to the times when I was happy and content. Such a rollercoaster of overwhelming emotions. And we are completely blown away by her amazing craft. Check out her work to know more.

A Satire Entertainment!

I t’s always interesting to see movies that hit on extremely important concepts.“Khushkhabri kay baad” is a short film made in collaboration with Ngo Aahung. This satire project is not only entertaining but Pakistan’s first film on the importance of safe sex. Since contraception is still considered a taboo in our society, hence nothing is being done to create any awareness on family planning. At the rate our population is increasing the resources are getting limited which is the root cause of all the issues revolving around us. This movie is an interesting way of highlighting that in a way which is creative and will be making a difference!

Kylie Says Love You

Leave it to Kylie Jenner to always present some of the most amazing makeup lines that make you completely stand out. Her Valentine’s Day collection has so many amazing things which allow you to perk up with a cutesy blush stick, lip balm set, highlighter and more makes it the ultimate gift. And it doesn’t have to be for just Valentine’s Day. Get your glam look on and stand out from the crowd- only Kylie knows how to do it right and make a major beauty statement.

Mysterious Black DiamondUp for Auction

A billion-year-old black diamond, believed to be the largest cut diamond on Earth, is going up for auction. There are competing theories about the origins of the gem, named The Enigma, including that it came from space. At 555.55 carats the gem is considered extremely heavy for a diamond, weighing about the same as a banana. The rock is expected to fetch over £4.4 m ($6m) at a Sotheby’s auction in London by the time online bidding closes next week. The gem is a carbonado, one of the toughest forms of natural diamond. Black diamonds are usually about 2.6 to 3.2 billion years old – a time before dinosaurs existed.

The Dragon is Calling!

Add some spice to your dinner tonight! Experience a world of oriental flavors with the Dragon. We are completely blown away by the kind of zest and taste this bowl of goodness will be giving you. Enjoy and immerse in a plethora of enticing flavors. This place has been around for a while. You can enjoy and be a part of this amazing spread. It is time to hit town with your friends and learn the zest of what good food is.




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