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Bling in Beauty!

With Eid right around the corner, it’s time to dazzle yourself in gorgeous wear and bling of grandeur. There may be a range of choices you can look into but nothing is as defining as what Silver by Sahar has to offer! This designer jewellery brand is exquisite and allows you to make a style statement. There are so many amazing designs, with such gorgeous gems that glimmer and compliment your whole look in such gleeful ways ! Check out their Insta page and know of such a vibrant spread that looks incredible any day of the week- be it festive celebrations or an evening hitting the town red !

The Prettiest Lit Ones

When it comes to having a beautiful ambience with the most vibrant and happening decor, there’s just so much one can do! You would absolutely love the kind of candle designs and options that you can so readily avail when it comes to making your surroundings look incredibly welcoming. With The Human Essentials, there’s just so much to unravel. You have incredible choices which serve as major gifts for either adults or kids. Candles have always got that great way of showing connections and love. How about you light up one too?

Siwaiyaan on EidSiwaiyaan on Eid

This Eid is bringing you lots of festive content to enjoy, and upcoming telefilm Siwaiyaan plans to sweeten your meethi Eid more than it already is. Starring Yasir Hussain and Sonya Hussyn in lead roles, Siwaiyaan is a situational comedy with enough mystery elements to keep its viewers hooked till the end. The plot of Siwaiyaan revolves around a couple whose families are visiting for Eid, waiting for a supposed good news. While the families assume the couple will announce they’re expecting a child, the news they actually want to break is about them getting a divorce. Interspersed with this is a murder mystery, where there presumably a couple of bodies in the house which the couple is trying its best to hide – all throughout the festivities of Eid. Siwaiyaan will air on ARY Digital this Eid-ul-Fitr.

Two to Escalating The Top!

Two Pakistani climbers are attempting to summit the world’s third highest 8,586-metre Kangchenjunga peak in Nepal. Sirbaz Khan from Hunza district of Gilgit-Baltistan and Shehroze Kashif from Lahore, who is the youngest climber to have scaled K2, are separately attempting the peak in a bid to become the first Pakistanis to have done the feast. Both the climbers have entered the decisive stage, aiming to reach the summit before the end of this month. This is definitely a major achievement already and we wish both of them the very best in attaining the highest of high accolades!

Hello Breakfast!

While we would definitely miss the sehri and iftar buffets which we so thoroughly enjoyed and indulged in during the holy month, there is no denying the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the mornings has already got us all excited! Let’s slowly welcome back those chirpy mornings which are complemented with caffeine galore and a hint of freshly baked macaroons. Because, let’s face it, who can say no to macaroons. That too when they are coming to us from the very special and very delectable Cresta in Islamabad. Let the morning sweetness begin!





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