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The Makkah Milestone!


T here are definitely such stories which make us believe in the power of persistence. Pakistani Adventurer Abrar Hassan completed his long journey covering 9000 kms on his motorcycle starting in Germany and ending in the Holy City of Makkah after crossing 5 countries in 50 day. Now that’s a major story that suggests that when you set your heart and mind onto something, there is nothing that can stop you from attaining your goals. Abrar’s story is one which definitely proves this and we are rooting for you to reach even more milestones in your life. Keep on shining!

Zeb Bangash’s ‘Weham’ Hot on the Heels ‘

Pakistan’s most favourite song bird, Zeb Bangash is back to serenade us with yet another soulful number. Composed by Ahmad Jahanzeb and produced by Moomal Shunaid, ‘Weham’ features as the soundtrack for the drama series. In her signature style, Zeb delivers a delicately poised love story fraught with tragedy. The lyrics, the melody and Zeb’s vocals come together to create a haunting, melancholic mood. As the undisputed queen of love ballads, Zeb Bangash sets the mood of the song. The song comes fresh after the success of her hit song ‘Kaash’ from Saramd Khoosat’s soon to be released feature film ‘Kamli.’ The song’s producer Moomal Shunaid, spoke of the OST saying,” A beautifully composed OST video of our new drama serial Weham in the soulful voice of Zeb Bangash”. Speaking of the song itself, Zeb said: “I’ve had a wonderful time working on the OST for ‘Weham’ – the composition, the lyrics and the melody are so beautifully done and I have enjoyed every minute of the experience.”

Standing Ovation! Joyland Take a Bow

Team Joyland has made the entire country proud after receiving a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival. The film made history as the first feature film to be screened at the prestigious festival, which hosts some of the biggest directors and actors in the global film industry today. With themes of forbidden desire and rebellion, Joyland was widely adored by critics, with Deadline deeming it a “thoughtful, well performed and engrossing drama”.The international feat has left the local film industry and cinema-lovers in an euphoric mood. Helmed by Saim Sadiq, videos of the applause began making rounds on social media on Monday. The team, which included Saim, actor Sarwat Gilani, filmmaker Sarmad Khoosat, veteran actor Sania Saeed, as well as Joyland stars Alina Khan, Sana Jafri and Ali Junejo, was seen shedding tears of joy at the screening of the film.

Gorgeous Hand-Painted Candles

These are absolutely beautiful. You can see how much work and precision has been taken by this wonderful artist who creates hand painted candles at Orna. There is incredible talent and you can notice the same from every candle created by this incredibly talented woman! Check out the Instagram handle of her amazing work and you can place your own orders, even getting customized options looked into!

Love of Pasta!

There is no denying that there may hardly be a person out there who doesn’t love pasta. There are so many kinds of Italian delicacies but pasta literally is one which you can experiment with. At Pasta Bar you get to savor some of the most amazing kinds of pasta- there are so many kinds which consist of great spreads of sauces which make it such an amazing experience. You can really enjoy and relish the greatness of pasta at this eatery. Totally divine!



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