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 K-Pop band Blitzers’ new song features Lahore’s scenic beauty!

Hit The Bass, dropped on Wednesday with a video that pays homage to Lahore. Featuring the famous food street in the city to the mesmerizing visuals of Badshahi Mosque and the Lahore fort, the song even covers a wedding hall decorated in red and gold. K-pop  Blitzer’s ‘Hit the Bass’ has had 1.7 million on YouTube since it was posted on July 20. This video made it to our playlist and has also impressed netizens.The group consists of seven members: Jihnwa GO_U, Juhan, Sya, Chris Lutan and Wooju. The group debuted on May 12, 2021.

Rocking the Cultural Wear

There’s just something great about donning shirts and attire that defines and shines the spotlight on our culture. One such way is to embrace the many local brands that represent the goodness of designs that look splendid in every way! Westuario is one such name that simply stands out. It has such an amazing collection which includes its Truck Art collection, Azaadi collection as well as its Stranger Things garments. They are simply great and allow you to make a poignant statement!

Henna on Sneakers!

Azra Khamissa is now bringing her unique henna designs to the world of fashion. The Dubai-based artist has been tapped by none other than footwear giant Adidas to render cool patterns on three sneakers. “It was a lot of fun using henna on leather, and actually quite challenging,” says Khamissa in her announcement of the project. “Hope you like them, and please let me know if you pass by to see them at the new Adidas Originals store in Dubai Mall!” The three designs see striking henna against the all-white sneakers, with one pair of high-tops featuring detailed stripes, the second with zig-zags, and the third with a wavy, filled-in pattern. The collaboration marks a major step in the regional artist’s career, who started off as a chiropractor (hence, the moniker Dr Azra), and a leather handbag designer before her extraordinary henna designs took Instagram by storm.

Wahala by Nikki May

Nikki May’s debut, Wahala (Custom House), will earn her inevitable comparisons to another cosmopolitan foursome narrative, but May’s London-set squad has its own distinct set of stories, and as a portrait of a group of Anglo-Nigerian the novel is focused on a very different demographic than Carrie Bradshaw’s NYC set. In fact, the plot is less concerned with an unbreakable clique, than with what happens when the primary trio is infiltrated by a glamorous but destabilising fourth member. (“Wahala” translates to “trouble.”) The subject of a nine-way bidding war and already slated to become a limited series, Wahala has all the makings of a modern blockbuster.

The Barbados Experience

Barbados-Tea Lounge & Grill is a fascinating new spot that allows you to indulge in some amazing flavors and great options of delicious food. There is plenty you can savor including the divine bread pudding, some delicious burgers, fries and more amazing food. The spot itself which is a rooftop makes it an invigorating experience that will make it a memorable dining date for loved ones.


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