Eshal Fayyaz

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Eshal Fayyaz (Model & Actor)
Get to know her better through these instant responses…

Happiness for you is?
Spending quality time with the people I love.

Define yourself in 3 words?
Beauty with brains.

Current song on your playlist?
Lady  in red by Chris de burgh.

Pet peeve?

Personal fashion style?
What I’m comfortable in.

Life according to you is?
Is a straight line.

Your inspiration comes from?
The people around me.

Proud of?
Being able to make it despite all odds.

Fashion & drama industry is?
Entertainment, entertainment &  entertainment

Biggest regret?
None ….everything happens for a reason

One bad habit of yours you would like to change?
Spending spree.

Fame or money?
A lot of both.

Style or comfort?
A style without comfort is not a style.

Simplicity or glamour?

Favorite food?

Favorite color?
I love all colors.

Favorite perfume?
Maison Lancôme.

Favorite Holiday Destination?

Favorite movie?
Gone with the wind.

Favorite hangout place?
My sister’s home.

Favorite genre of music?

Favorite Singer?
Any one who is pleasant to ears.

You love?
People who set goals and then go after them.

You hate?
Arrogance of mediocre people.

You get irritated by?
People who make life complicated .

If you could have one super power?
Would fly every night to a new country.

Snapchat or Insta?






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