Exploring the many talents of Hira Mani

Hira Mani, someone so passionate that you are filled with liveliness while talking to her. Her dreams and how she manages those dreams with the practicalities of life is amazing. Frank, kind and smiling all the time, Hira is a constant session of energy. With so much on her plate, she definitely gives every bit her best and that really is the best thing about her. In a recent chit chat which Social Diary had with her, we came to know about the many talents of hers and how she plans to keep them aligned, managing her family perfectly side by side.

Tell us about your background, education etc

We are from Karachi. I am the only sister of four brothers. Which make us a total of five. When I got married I just did my intermediate. I completed my graduation after marriage. I am really a very ‘ladli’ of everyone at my parent’s.


So how did you meet Mani?

I was a big fan of Mani and I loved him like anything- especially when I saw his drama ‘Sab Set Hay!’


And when did you decide that you are going to marry him?

Since I was always his fan, so I knew he is the man of my dreams. I was engaged to someone else but I found out that Mani is the man I really wanted in my life. So, the engagement was broken and there I am- with my man!


How do you define the chemistry between Mani and yourself?

I clearly believe in the notion ‘Couples are made in Heaven’. MashAllah eight years have passed and we live like friends. He is my partner, he is my support and he is the reason of my success. People sometimes envy us saying how could you guys live like this even after eight years? I just pray to God we live like best of friends forever.


Both the families agreed gladly?

Since I was previously engaged to someone else, so my father was a bit apprehensive. But I think the whole credit goes to my wonderful father in law Saqib Sheikh (of Khuda ki Basti fame). When my father in law came to ask for my proposal, my father got very happy and that was the day he decided that he would do what his daughter wants to do.


You had a very powerful role in the drama Preet Na Kariya Koi, how did you enter the drama industry?

I always had a bit of a knack for acting. When Momina Duraid offered me the role, I read it and simply liked it. So I decided to go for such a wonderful script.


What are your upcoming projects?

I will continue acting and modelling both. As far as acting is concerned, my new project is ‘Sun Yara’ and my role in the drama is very different and interesting. I hope you all will like it.


You are a mommy of two, a model and an actor- how do you manage all things together so aptly?

I make sure I do as much work so my kids never get neglected. They are my priority. With Mani’s support it all becomes possible. I am really thankful to my mother in law for helping me more than I could ever think of. She takes care of many things when I am away.



We have seen you informally singing as well, do you plan to step into singing professionally as well?

I do not want to step into it professionally. However just want to fulfil my childhood dream. You will be surprised to know that I have a passion for singing as well since I was in college. Being asked again and again by friends and family, I have decided to release my solo song soon as well. I am sure people will like it.


What is your routine?

Waking up at 7, I get my kids ready and send them off to school. Then I go to gym. Around 10 I come back and if I have a shoot, I go for it. Otherwise I stay at home and do the household chores. I take rest on those days as well. (wink!) However, on the shoot days, when it’s time to pack up and go home, I start getting excited that I would be going home and meeting my children.


Share with us any unpleasant or awkward fan encounter?

Fans are lovely. They always make me smile and I love my fans. Once, while shopping at a mall, one aunty, whose daughters were accompanying her and I admit the daughters were extremely beautiful, came to me and said ‘Tum kia haseen ho jo meri betiyan haseen hain, eik din wo be showbiz ma jayen ge aur bohat naam kamayen ge!’ I did not get angry at her at all. I really felt love for the woman and pray she gets whatever she wishes.


Please give any message for the readers of Social Diary Magazine?

I would ask all girls to complete their education at any cost. Education is very important. Everything comes to you on its proper time. If you want fame, modelling or acting is not the key to it. You can be famous by being excellent in whatever you are doing or have the means to do. You can be famous by just stitching a shirt with your stitching machine at home- they key is work harder and always aspire to be the best in whatever you are doing. Stay blessed you all.



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