Fatima Khan’s take on her trip to London!


We’ve been spotting our favorite stars vacay-ing around the world and for this week, we’ve got Fatima Khan who’s taking the Social Diary on an exclusive trip to London! 

Why Slough for  holiday destination?


We went to Bournmoth for most part of our Holidays and later we stay in central London. We have family and our own house in Slough so for that we visit Slough often.


First impressions of the city?

Bournmoth is such a beautiful city as it has a vast dandy beach, there are all kinds of restaurants and kids attractions so it was an amazing experience.


Which are the must-see places in England?

There are many and it depends on your age group as we go on vacations keeping Azaan in our mind so went to all the kids attractions… It’s a long list but to name the few, Legoland, Thorp Park, Poultons Park, Chessington Zoo, Alton Towers, Bournmoth Beach, London Dungeon, London eye, London Aquarium, London Zoo, Windsor Castle, various funfair and kids wonder world areas and the list goes on.



As in people travel to Dubai for shopping or to Nepal for a peaceful getaway.

What is the specialty of England? The differentiating feature?


For me everything is special about England as my whole family is there, my own house, my friends and my Job, everything is there so I know everything FROM Best SHOPPING to SPA, Best peaceful getaways to city centers.

I love its diversity in everything. There are gazillion things to do with kids, world best shopping is in UK specialty if you know the places. Then Best beaches, best islands, best amusement parks are there, above all worlds best cuisines are all available there to make your vacations complete 🙂


Which tasty street foods and cuisines did you try?

Which dish or street food would consider as your favorite?

Our favorite is Authentic Italian, Thai, Mexican, Lebanese, Iranian and Chinese food and the best part is everyday you can try something different and authentic.


England is genuinely expensive in variety and cost. What drug stores do you think everyone should visit at least once in their trip to England?


UK in my opinion is NOT expensive only if you know the time to visit and right stores and websites.

Best time of the year for summer shopping is June, July August coz you can find best sales at all Big brands.

Everyone should visit Biester village shopping center Atleast once… It’s an amazing designer outlet mall.


What did you enjoy most about the city?

I enjoyed Bournmoth Beach and our country Hut there. Azaan was very happy at our Island Hut.


Any funny incident that took place on your trip?


Our trip is MashaAllah packed with alot of funny and memorable moments and events due to Azaan. The best one still cracks me up but I can’t share it here…. Hahaaaaaa


The weather in England is generally perceived as a little depressing. Do you agree that the sunny side is indeed needed?


Yes but NOT in summers, we went in summers which is the best time to be there.


What are the “must” haves for you when you’re traveling?

My boots and flats…. Are must along with my shades. I need to feel comfortable on my vacations so I hv to carry Many comfortable shoes.



What would you suggest to your readers that they should be prepared for when visiting England? (excluding common factors)

The only thing I would stress on is to plan ahead, book tickets in advance and must check weathetforcast. Sometimes, infact most of the time if you book tickets few days ahead, they are often less than half price and you don’t have to wait in long ques