Fia Khan

“I try to enjoy the smallest things in life and so, I want my kids to learn that…”

This time, we took a special interview of much known fashion celebrity Fia Khan, who is a good mother and lovable wife; here she shared the prized memories that splurge with her family…

1. Express the moment when you first meet with your partner?f4
Omg! It was just like a magical moment, you might think how filmy does she sound! But that was literally like a movie scene I felt like there was an Orchestra playing at the background when we were looking at each other for the very first time.

2. Tell us about your childhood home?
We use to live exact in the heart of Berlin! A main street always noisy and crowded. I still remember whenever I use to get bored I use to sit at the window and look out, it was the 4th floor so, and things were clearly visible. I use to count the cars and people passing by. I loved that apartment of ours we lived almost 18 years there … It was hard to say bye to that place 🙁

3. How do you celebrate holidays with your family?
Like every year we travel back to Berlin as my both daughters are born there I want them to know what Germany is all about! We do lots of outdoor activities like picnic, swimming, and grill parties, just walking or lying in parks. I try to enjoy the smallest things in life and so, I want my kids to learn that!

4. Tell us about the day your first child was born?
Aliyah, my first love was born in 2004. I was just 21 didn’t know too much, but the moment I held her in my arms, I was a complete woman & mother all of a sudden!

5. Suggest any 4 tips how to take all the family relations in a proper manner?
1. Divide the time.
2. Give each and every person the right attention.
3. Discuss & listen properly.
4. Last not least, love them as much as you can!

6. What do you prefer for your kids to choose best for their future, either the field in f3which you are working currently or any other?

I love my field! And would never mind if my kids want to get into it, but my only condition and wish would be their complete studies!!! As I couldn’t really study much 🙁

7. As you and your life partner are in same industry, so is it somehow helpful for both of you to understand each other or sometimes competition arises?

There is no completion between a woman and man! I could never understand why some of the men get insecure from their woman and vise versa. In my case yes we do understand each other’s work totally but sometimes it feels very difficult to take out time for each other! And that sucks big time.

8. What is more beneficial to holidays with your family?
We get time to spend with each other and explore things together 🙂

9.What is more beneficial to spend a happily life….Love or arrange marriage?
Happiness comes from within but that is a totally separate topic. In choosing your life partner of course there has to be love otherwise how you will be able to spend the rest of your life with a person you hardly know.

10.Describe a typical family dinner. Did you all eat together as a family? Who did the cooking? What were your favorite foods?

My mom is an excellent cook!’ Not saying that because she is my mom and every child likes their moms hand cooked food but I still remember my father’s and mama’s friends calling them up with their wish lists! She was very famous for her “Chicken & Mutton Achaar” … Omg! I just got the taste of it while writing 🙂

11.How is the world today different from what it was like when you were a child?f2
Avery interesting question I must say! Our Parents were lucky enough to see the journey from the first TV to the WhatsApp 😉 and so was I almost . I know what a cassette player is, a Walkman, a Landline phone, the Internet, the mobile etc … Today I don’t need to miss
my loved ones, I can simply Skype with them but yes not to forget these all gadgets were meant to connect but have actually this connected us ! Now, you hardly get a call on your birthday.
I still do call my loved ones and wish them personally and not only write on their digital wall called Facebook! No doubt that the life has become faster now but that doesn’t mean to faster your emotions or just don’t have any! I still like reading a book instead of reading a digital book in my cell phone. Ludo is still better than Candy Crush as you play physically and mentally with your loved ones and not ALONE !


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