Follow Humaira Asghar to Abbottabad

Get your hiking gear set as Social Diary follows Humaira through the hills of Abbottabad for her vacation this summer!

  1. Why did you select Abbottabad for your holiday destination?

I selected Abbottabad for my this summer vacation because I always wanted to go there to spend some relaxing time with my parents & family but couldn’t get chance before…, but this time my Dad surprised me and gifted me a beautiful house in Abbottabad, I’m so happy to have an amazing own house in such beautiful city.

  1. First impression of the city?

It’s so beautiful city itself & felt a relaxed & calmness there, life is easy & citizens are pure hearted & they are so hospitable, I love the feeling of tranquility in Abbottabad’s weather!

  1. Which are the must-see places in and around Abbottabad?

There are so many must see places in and around Abbotabad like: Thandiani, Harnoi, Haripur, Saint Luke’s Church, Jalal baba Auditorium, Shimla hill, Ilyasi Masjid etc.

  1. What is the specialty of Abbotabad? The differentiating feature when you compare it with cities abroad?

It is very different city itself with heavenly landscapes, clean weather, purity in lifestyle of citizens, their mouth watering different flavours of foods, people now became modern but still they follow their tradition, as compare to abroad in Pakistan’s (northern areas) I feel & found them much better because life is easy & they holding their purity till now..

  1. Did you try any local street food there? What food did you enjoy the most?

Yes I’m big fan of street foods whenever I go for northern areas I always treat my taste buds with all kind of street foods like street samosa pakoras, chaats, jaleebi, tea, katlamaas etc I tried this time also…

  1. What did you enjoy most about the city?

It would have to be the rains & mornings because their chilly weather, Freshness in the air, purity of people & variety in their traditional foods.

  1. What were some activities you did?

Hiking on mountains, Evening walks, relaxing in afternoons under the sun on fresh grass (which was in my house’s garden) with tea, I went to family Orchards to pluck fresh fruits & vegetables, cooking in evenings., and of course Shopping in traditional bazaars with pakoras & shawls around the neck to keep myself warm. It was amazing experience

  1. Any funny incident that took place on your trip?

My nieces were with us in this tour they are full of adventure & actually they are so funny, every moment with them was filled with fun…

  1. What is the one place in Abbottabad you would want everyone to see?

Thandiani that’s like a heaven on earth, I believe everyone should go & explore that hill station if they visit Abbottabad.

  1. Did you bring any souvenirs with you?

Yes few pieces of precious stones (raw) & traditional cloths from their bazaars… they all made by hand of their citizens…

  1. Crazy shoppers are always looking for things they MUST have. What would you suggest they should buy and from where (If you know a particular place)?

They have so many good shopping points but best things would be to buy their handicrafts & traditional shawls, they are simply beautiful & they usually make them with best colour combinations (mostly vibrant colour tones) we can wear them anywhere, they add a different look in our outfits..

  1. Where were you staying and was it comfortable enough for you?

Yes most of the time I was staying at my new family home in Abbotabad then Nathia gali was like 2nd home. I stayed 2 night in Kaghan & Naran also, had camping experience also next to Saif ul Malook… it was like dream come true adventure”

  1. How do you calculate the money you can spend daily during your trip?

No calculations when I go for adventure tours specially with parents / family.I must say life is quite easygoing & cheap there, nobody runs after materialistic goods at all, actually I have spent my week there as like care-free person…

  1. What is your favorite thing about traveling?

You get out of your daily routine circle, you meet new experiences during traveling, you leave your comfort zone & get into new zone & if you’ll be welcoming towards challenges then you’ll get best traveling experience otherwise you can’t enjoy single moment.

  1. Do you worry about safety?

Yes a bit actually… we should be careful about the safety of you & loved once during traveling that’s important part but still I would say little safety never harms, that shouldn’t be too much / shouldn’t let the safety spoil our enjoyment!! Balanced traveling plans always works.

  1. Which is your ideal travel destination and why?

Rome, Paris, California, and of course our Northern-areas of Pakistan, specially Kashmir… loved these places, traveling is my hobby I love to travel whenever I get some free time for myself, I like adventure & to explore places all over the world, because these destinations I mentioned above they are so rich in their culture, traditions specially Art & Architecture history.

  1. One word to describe your experience?

It was Dream come true like a vacation tour to our beautiful Pakistan’s heavenly northern areas

  1. What is the one thing that you always take with you on your trips?

My Camera & chargers / batteries

  1. Suggest a few ideas which in your opinion would enhance the traveling experience in Pakistan?

There are couples of smart marketing ideas I do have, I believe it can be useful to enhance the traveling experience in Pakistan.

  1. I) we should promote best tourism-groups in Pakistan on our social media sites, and should teach them about the power of marketing, promotional packages for locals & foreigners.
  2. ii) We should organize / arrange Cultural & art / entertainment activities in northern areas.

iii) Their variety of food is amazing; we should try to bring their tastes to our cities (like Food festivals)

  1. iv) Govt. should make some useful plans & work on it to get foreigners from abroad all over the world; they should make some easy / corporative packages to promote Pakistan tourism all over the world.




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