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  1. Why did you select Prague for your holiday destination or were you there on official capacity?

I had gone for an official visit for Dermacol makeup.


  1. First impressions of the city/country while you toured?

Absolutely breathtaking scenery and architecture


  1. Which are the must-see places in the destination that you chose?

The entire city is gorgeous, but must see is the Charles Bridge.


  1. People travel to Dubai for shopping or to Nepal for a peaceful getaway. What is the specialty of Czech Republic? The differentiating feature?

It had a great weather at this time of the year, sunny in the day and cool at night, plus of course the amazing scenery and food is to die for.


  1. Palačinky, Chlebíčky and Trdelník are some famous foods in Prague. Did you try and enjoy those? What were your favorite dishes?

No we stuck to eating regular continental dishes.

  1. Deciding on what to spend on more (food, hotel or travelling) is a decision we all take. Which of these do you prefer to empty your pockets on?

Definitely traveling!


  1. What did you enjoy most about your trip?

The group I was with


  1. Any funny incident that took place on your trip?

Well not funny but we were not exactly aware that we would be taking a city tour on foot so by the end we were all so exhausted that we were just talking gibberish to each other till we reached our restaurant.


  1. Pakistani currency is pretty weak atm. For those of us who haven’t been to Czech Republic, how much would you suggest we keep in our pockets in PKR to spend a quality vacation?

Well if you include ticket, stay, boarding lodging and food and travel, I would say min €4000 per person.


  1. What are the three things that you always carry with you on your trips?

Money, comfy shoes & credit cards.


  1. Anything one should be prepared for when visiting Prague?

Language barrier.


  1. Did you bring / will you be bringing any souvenirs with you?

I always bring back a fridge magnet.


  1. What is the one thing that you recommend others to try/experience while living among the Czechs?

They’re not as grumpy as they’re made to seem so definitely being friendly would be advisable.



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