Ghana Ali_ The Diva of Showbiz in Japan for her next film’s shooting


She talks to Social Diary team regarding her trip to Japan as an artist and what her experience was like with the weather, the language barrier, Japanese cuisine and the places to shop till you drop.


Question: For shooting of your film Japanese Connection you were recently in Japan. Please share with the readers how did you find the Japanese culture and what do you think is the most valuable Japanese cultural practice?

Answer: Japanese culture was amazing to be honest. They are so clean and very helpful. Tokyo was simply beautiful. The only problem was the language barrier and it cannot be described how tough it was really to overcome it.

Question: Would you like to share something about the Character Jenny that you are going to play in your latest film Japanese Connection?

Answer: Jenny is a Street Girl from Japan and she goes through a lot of struggle because she does not have any family and no one to fall back upon. I do not want to disclose a lot about this character since the movie is still not out but I would like to share that I was wearing only one set of clothes in the entire film because that was the demand of the film. God knows that I have really worked hard in this movie but of course a lot depends on the director as well. Lets see how the character emerges in the movie.


Question: Have you ever had the opportunity to hang out with your fans abroad? Any interesting anecdote you may have had with them?

Answer: I always treat my fans as I would treat my friends but I need to be able to get along with them. For instance, I met this girl Hira in Tokyo and it was really nice to spend some time with her. It was amazing.

Question: What was your first impression about Japan as a holiday destination? What is the best thing about Japan in your opinion?

Answer: The best thing about Japan was its weather when I was there. The second thing that I liked was the fact that the Japanese are very clean and thirdly I simply loved the way that they prepared their meat.

Question: Did you enjoy the Japanese cuisine and did you come across any desi cuisine too?

Answer: I had a especially prepared meat which you cook yourself. That was really delicious. Other than that, I did not really taste much from their cuisine and no, desi food was not really available where I was. However, I preferred having Turkish food which was yummy and amazing. Also their seafood was yummylicious. I really enjoyed being there.

What was the most memorable part of your trip?

Answer: Oh yes, when I was in Tokyo I asked my friend if it snows here or not. He said no it has been two years since it has not snowed over here. So, I was taking pictures but then I realized that it had started snowing slowly. I was very excited to experience snow falling over me. My wish was granted and I also then thought that I could have asked for a Ferrari instead!!!

What was shopping like in Japan? Are there any bargain markets in Tokyo?

Answer: I thought shopping was ok because Japanese style sense is not something that I look up to although it was very posh and expensive. It is not purely my kind of fashion statement. I would like to wear some of the clothes that I bought sometimes but not really because everything is very formal over there. What with really short skirts and all. Although Japan is known a lot for its fashion sense and in fact people say it is one of the best in the whole world still I felt that maybe I would wear the dress I bought on a formal dinner but there was not much choice otherwise.

Question: What did you miss most about home while being in Japan?

Answer: To be honest, I think at times I really missed the fact that I do not have my car over there. I missed the comfort plus the rate of Taxi was too high because they also add their insurance in the fare that they charge you so it becomes at least ten times more expensive than it should be. So I really missed my car over there a lot. Also, I missed the luxury of having an assistant, your own servants especially a cook who readies your meals, a porter to carry your luggage. One is surrounded with so much luxury at home and that you cannot really afford when you are abroad and so yes, you miss it very much when you have to do all these things yourself. It really hurts.






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