Have You Heard of Heardle? It’s like Wordle for Pop Music!

I t’s amazing how one is able to get one so much from the way technology is advancing! We are completely hooked onto some new major ways in which you actually get onto the best kind of music. Unless you have been living under a rock, you must be familiar with what is Wordle. So if you’ve finished your Wordle, and even Octordle (Google and you will know), then you definitely have more room in your heart for more Wordle-alikes, may I suggest trying out Heardle.app? So this isn’t like your usual app. In fact it is definitely one of my major interests. It’s a guessing game where you’re given progressively longer snippets of a pop song and get six tries to figure out what it is. And that means you definitely need to know your music. It’s a fun twist on the Wordle format, especially for those of us who are significantly more interested in music than words like “knoll” or “vivid.” You need to try a demo round. That will itself suggest how you will be getting to take a good handle on them. And then this app gets super great.

How Heardle Works? The music-based guessing game invites players to guess the track from a pool of the most streamed songs in the last 10 years, using only brief snippets from the intro. You have six guesses (just like Wordle) to try and nail what the song is from the audio clues. Simply type the title and artist to guess. In the first attempt, you are played one second of the song, in the next attempt, you hear two seconds, then four seconds, then seven seconds, then 11 seconds and finally 16 seconds to decipher what it is. The game does give a little bit of assistance – it auto-fills the songs it could possibly be as you type. There’s one game per day and the website stores your scores. And like Worlde, you can share your results on social media to gloat to your friends.
Heardle has a similar sharing feature that lets you copy a series of emoji to your clipboard so you can tell people how quickly you guessed the song.
Also an interesting twist with Heardle is that it gives you a skip button. Mechanically, it makes sense — with Wordle, you’re only going to get closer to the answer by guessing a word and seeing what letters are or aren’t in the correct answer. But when you’re guessing a song, hearing a new snippet will give you more information regardless of whether you’ve made a guess. So this is something which will be keeping you completely hooked and even more interesting. Heardle also, of course, has a similar sharing feature that lets you copy a series of emoji to your clipboard so you can tell people how quickly you guessed the song.

Heardle’s about screen says that it pulls songs from “a list of the most streamed songs in the past decade,” which hopefully means you won’t be stuck trying to identify some song that only 1,000 people have heard. That also makes it a lot easier to guess — without giving too many spoilers, I thought that today’s answer might have been some sort of ambient soundtrack song after hearing the first few seconds. But once I realized it was looking for a pop song, I found the answer to be pretty obvious. It is definitely something which allows you to earn your tunes the right way!


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