Home Tips for Migraines

Every now and then we get caught up with deadlines, late work nights and unusual sleeping schedules that bring on those excruciatingly painful headaches.

A cup of black coffee or an Advil is sometimes enough to make you feel fine for a while but at times, it’s just not enough!

Instead of keeping a bottle of aspirin or panadol handy at all times, here are some home remedies for headaches that actually works miracles!





Ginger is a great home remedy for instant relief of pain. It is known to help reduce inflammation throughout the body and also within the blood vessels in the head which helps ease the pain. Ginger is also great for improving digestion which limits the symptoms of nausea which is usually occurs during headaches and migraines. In a teapot, add 1 liter of water with half cup of a grated ginger root, let it come to a boil, now let it sit for at least 15 minutes and add 1 freshly squeezed lemon juice to the tea and drink when cooled. Use this remedy for as long as you like consuming once or twice per day. Another excellent way to use ginger to relieve headaches is by applying a paste of ginger powder and a tablespoon of water on your forehead for a few minutes.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil contains a compound called methanol which helps regulate blood flow throughout the body. It is such an awesome home remedy that can help you relieve your headache fast. Peppermint scent helps open up your sinuses along with any clogged vessel which are two of the most common causes of headaches and migraines. Another way to use peppermint oil for relief is by breathing in the scent while sitting in a cool dark room. Try mixing 3 drops of peppermint oil with a tablespoon of almond oil, massage your temple and the back of your neck for faster relief.


Did you know that by moving your chin upwards and downwards, left and right, and bending your neck sideways towards each shoulder will help you reduce pain in your head? Yes, it does and quite fast too! By moving your head in circles in both directions, you will loosen up your shoulder and neck muscles which in turns removes pressure from your head.

Cool Down

Ice packs are known to work wonders on all sorts of pain! By simply putting an ice pack on your neck, you will be able to achieve instant relief from migraines and headaches. Basically, the ice helps to reduce inflammation and has a numbing effect on pain, therefore, where there is a pain, grab an ice pack!


Did you know that apples and apple cider vinegar are great for fighting off headaches? You won’t believe how fast this remedy works, boil a cup of apple cider vinegar along with a cup of water in a covered teapot for 5 minutes. Now get a towel and cover your head while sitting over the steam, open the teapot and inhale the scented mixture till you get some relief. Another effective way to relieve your headache fast is by eating a piece of apple sprinkled with salt. For this to work you will need to drink a cup of warm water after eating the apple.


Cinnamon is known to be one of the most effective spices used for home remedies. It is great for all kind of diseases and works miracles in relieving headaches. Grind a few cinnamon sticks till they turn into a fine powder, mix in a few drops of water until you are left with a fine paste. Now rub it onto your forehead, temples and lie down in a quiet room for at least 30 minutes. Wash off once you feel better and voila!




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