Coffee is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants are so important for the skin because they protect the skin against free radicals that damage the skin. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the skin and improves blood flow to the face, which makes the skin look fresh, radiant and bright.

Benefits Of coffee for skin and hair: 

Improves skin texture – Coffee is said to tighten the skin and improve the texture of it. It tightens the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite and also prevents wrinkles.

Increases blood flow –  The caffeine that is a part of the coffee increases the blood flow to the skin. This decreases the appearance of the cellulite, varicose veins and stretch marks. It also melts the fat cells from the body.

Acts as an antioxidant – Caffeine is a natural anti-oxidant and is said to fight with free radicals in the body that causes oxidation. Thus, you can rely on coffee oil to ward off wrinkles and fine lines.

Coffee promotes hair growth – The caffeine stimulates the follicle’s ability to produce hair.

Reduces Puffy eyes and dark circles – Caffeine, when applied topically to the skin, constricts the blood vessels under the skin and help reduce puffy eyes and also treat dark circles.

To make your own coffee oil at home that can be used for skin and hair.

To Make Coffee Infused Oil (Hot infusion method)

Combine 4 Tablespoons of ground coffee beans with 8 Tablespoons of pure olive oil or coconut oil in a pan. Heat it on over low heat for about 30mins or few hours, stirring occasionally.

You can also use a small crock pot and heat it on low for few hours, stirring occasionally. Strain the oil using either cheesecloth or a coffee filter.

This oil can be used as a light and moisturizing face or body oil, a nourishing hair treatment to add shine or a delightful massage oil to treat stretch marks and cellulite. Use it as an eye oil to lighten dark circles, brighten and firm the under eye area. According to your preference it can be refrigerated or warmed before use.




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