How Often Should I Be Cutting My Hair? Knowing the Essentials!

Some people love getting haircuts and other people just don’t so knowing how often you should get your hair cut can help you plan accordingly. The frequency of your salon visits can be motivated by wanting a certain style, saying goodbye to split ends, maintaining your color or achieving hair wellness. How often you cut your hair can depend on hair types, personal preferences, damage and existing treatments you’ve had. We’ll walk you through it all so you can figure out exactly when to schedule your next appointment.

By Shenaz Maliha

First and foremost, how often you get your haircut is 100% a personal choice. How you feel about your hair should be driving your decisions. The shape, length and style of your hair can all play a role as well. Bearing that in mind though, there are some general recommendations to follow when it comes to the frequency of your haircuts. If you want to keep your hair healthy, you should plan to get trims or cuts once every six weeks, on average. If you find that you have some trouble remembering to get a regular haircut, try asking your stylist to make you a standing appointment for a trim every few weeks. Each person will have some different warning signs that he or she may need to cut their hair. Hair grows differently for each of us, so things like hair length and even the shape of your hair shaft will determine when you need to get a haircut. People with fine hair may notice they need a trim more often than those with curly hair, for instance. And those who prefer to maintain a particular style or length may want to get a haircut once they notice their style has grown out. One major sign that your tresses need a trim typically shows up at the ends of your hair. If you start noticing split ends, you will know that it is definitely time to get yourself a trim. Split ends will occur more frequently for those who use heat styling or otherwise may experience hair damage via bleaching, hair dye, chemical treatments or other habits like excessive chlorine exposure.Now, if you want to make your hair grow faster, you may want to wait a bit longer than the standard six to eight weeks in between visits to your hairstylist. In this case, you can push your regular trims out to once every eight to twelve weeks instead. You can also take other steps to boost hair growth like using hair serums or taking daily biotin gummies, specifically formulated with ingredients that have been shown to encourage healthy hair growth.Those with long hair can go even longer between trims than the rest of us. Try getting your haircut once in a three to six month period. You can always adjust this timeframe as desired. People with shorter hair, regardless of gender, should plan to trim their hair a bit more often. A trim once a month is generally recommended but, depending on your texture, you may be able to get a trim once every six weeks instead. Whether your hair is long, short, textured, curly, fine, thick or some combination of the above, make sure you take the time to determine the appropriate frequency of trims for your hair needs. Pay attention to what you and your hair enjoys — there’s no harm waiting until you get the itch to get a cut. If it’s longer locks you want, you may also consider adding an advanced hair serum to your hair care routine to help the process along. Your hair (and your hairstylist!) will thank you for your efforts.


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