How Online Entry Test Preparation is Affecting Academies in Pakistan?

By: Rakia Ali

Technology overtakes humans in every field

It was early days when a teacher was surrounded by a class full of students but now things are changed not in European countries but here in Pakistan as well. Method of teaching is changed. Students understand that learning books are not enough in this era of competition which is why they prefer to make their concepts clear rather than remember words. From early days till now we do not deny the important role of teachers in building nations and it is the reality that teaching department is the most reputed and respectable section throughout the world. But now things are changed and so the situations and demands.

No matter in which field you want to try your luck or what is your aim, you have to pass entry test after your intermediate examination right after being on the merit of all those well-known and famous universities across the country. Engineering universities and medical & dental colleges have a procedure of conducting an exam of ECAT and MDCAT however the merit is different for every college and university but you have to clear this ECAT and MDCAT exam in order to get admission in your favourite institute.

On the other hand if you are in to some social sciences groups or have interest in politics, literature, commerce, arts, IT, law, history, and philosophy & psychology type stuff and want to join any famous university to build up your career in any of these fields you have to clear the entry test set up by university as well. Just to make it sure that the only eligible person got admission rather to those who know how to use the money to get admission (a bitter truth).

There are two main procedures to prepare yourself for all these entry tests now a day’s one is academies, coaching centres while the other one is online entry test preparation. Academies and institutes are the oldest and only medium of preparation and education from the early days. But now technology overtake humans in every field including education. Where there are many benefits of these academies there now people don’t find it reliable anymore and feel comfortable with online preparation system for studies and test preparation because of some obvious reasons and issues.

How efficient academies are for entry test preparation?

Well, from past many years academies were the only source of entry test preparation and have no opponent so it was considered that they were the best which was at that time correct. A session of 4 to 5 hours throughout the week with same teaching method with the class full of students were not actually preparing students for entry test but actually a revision class of what they learned earlier with a bit different way.

What was different? Nothing but few notes. Four different teachers who somehow have known the entry test procedure handover students some past papers of medical and engineering universities along with some handwritten notes, conducting tests as per the pattern of entry test is all students get on the name of entry test preparation. And off the other hand pay a handsome amount for this. This is what they called preparation of entry tests.

They start their lecture with “As you studied before” and many students were like excuse me, I am here to clear my all concepts rather to hear what I learn before. If I was that much ok with my concepts than why would I join this academy? They even didn’t raise the question on their method of teaching because they were shy and hesitate. They don’t want to be a source of fun as their other components start judging them by their miss-conceptions. That is why all these academies show the brilliant result of 7 to 10%, well yeah 7 or 10 out of 100 students were such a big score.

What about the remaining 90%? Didn’t they pay for the notes? Didn’t they were in the academy from start till end? Why didn’t they get admission? The answer is, academies didn’t cover their flaws but just revise what they already know, which was not enough for getting admission in any medical or engineering university. In other words, it is just your luck if you pass your ECAT or MDCAT by academies because what they give you is surely not enough and according to some they have become a mafia.

ECAT, MDCAT online preparation and further entry tests for other universities

ECAT, MDCAT, GAT, NAT & HAT are essential to clear in order to get admission in all government, semi-government and private universities for higher education. Be careful, because these entry tests are not your college assessments. You have to be fully ready with all your general and academic concepts clear. It is important to prepare yourself completely by overcome your all flaws, faintness and weak concepts.

How could you know what is your weak point? How could you know whether you are ready to achieve your goal or not? Through tests conducting by academies? Sorry to say but you are wrong again. Here in online MDCAT & ECAT preparation and obviously for other entry tests as well, what you get is really matchless and second to none. First of all, you don’t need to leave your place at all, you don’t need to adjust in a small room which is full of students. Be there wherever you feel comfortable, turn on your tab or laptop, log in to the site and experience the most efficient method of teaching.

There are most experienced and highly qualified subject specialist teachers waiting for you 24/7, their video lectures not just to teach you but to help you to get over from your mistakes and flaws. You can rewind, pause and play the video lectures as many time as you want. No one is going to judge you here so you can confidently ask again and again and again as many time as you want until and unless you are sure about your all concepts are clear. You will have a huge bank of MCQ’s, most competent and easy to understand notes, past papers, and effective test system.

Now there isn’t any problem for conducting tests because now your all concepts are clear and you are confident about everything. Online preparation for entry tests system does not revise you what you already know, but they are here to help you in real by make your all concepts strong. And what else you want if you are from a city who do not have such type of academy? You don’t need to shift to any other city just for the preparation of entry test. Nor for rent of your accommodation neither for transportation. You don’t need to take a risk on your health by eating unhealthy food in your precious time when you have to focus on your aim and work hard to achieve your goal.

In short, there are tons of facts with which the online entry test preparation system is way better than academics. By a unique method of teaching, it gives up to 95% result. Moreover, you shouldn’t be bound by strict and odd timings. No matter in which area of Pakistan you are, you can study anytime anywhere as per your convenience. These facts and features make online preparation for entry tests way reliable and better comparatively.


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