Huma Khan

“The social media has made everything so accessible for everyone…”
Super Model

One of fashion industry’s busiest & demanding models today, Huma Khan is known for her ability to effectively play both stylish and fashionable characters on-screen, and for her professionalism, 35880_1424927355340_821413_ndedication and commitment. Thanks to an optimistic outlook and her cheerful nature, she continues to gain popularity in the fashion industry as well as among st Pakistani and international audiences. In an exclusive interview, for the Pakistan Observer’s Sunday weekly Social Diary, she talks about her looks, way of modeling, Pakistani showbiz, the casting couch and her funky choices.

Super celebrity face that has reached a huge amount of success with a steady career growth. Does that put a LOT of pressure on you, and if yes how are you dealing with it?

It’s both overwhelming and humbling to be recognized in the field with such high competition, which makes it extremely difficult but this constant pressure makes you work harder, so you hit back stronger every time. I can’t deny not feeling the heat of it, I try to discipline my calorie intake, catch up on my sleep and exercises as much as I can. We need to stay as determined and focused to keep as healthy a lifestyle as I can.

Tell us about your first exposure to modeling? What are your experiences while you were growing up?

My elder sister was an established model so whenever I’d needed a break from studying I used to accompany her, offers started pouring my way and before I knew it the fun and spur of the moment decisions became a fully committed profession for me. I come from a closely knit family where we share a strong bond and respect everyone’s space that is the reason I could be part of an industry which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

How supportive are your family and friends with your profession?

My family has been super accommodating, they always plan stuff keeping in mind my schedule and my friends always go an extra mile from taking my calls late night to accepting my last minute meet up plans.

What are you planning to switch your current field modeling into???

Oh yes definitely! I have a couple of offers from small and big screen that I might consider.
I’m already working on launching my own clothing brand; I feel there aren’t many western wear options for people. Our customization cuts and accessories are amazing. So a blend of all those ingredients would be an exciting thing, for updates stay tuned on my FB page.

What is the best part about your work? What is the hardest?

Fashion industry is often singled out by those concerned with the rate of eating disorder (having to do without phaajay kay pai for breakfast), to give the distorted body image that many girls have. Has to be the hardest for me, who believed food was religion! But the same workplace is heaven with positive, cheerful people (at least majority are) around you who are pushing you to your core to be the best. We have a strong support system to survive the pressures in form of our co workers.

What does success mean to you?

I think I believe in the same philosophy as Maya Angelou, who once said,” success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it!” That my friend pretty much sums it up for me!

Who or what inspired you to become a celebrity?

You can’t say a specific person inspired you to do a specific thing. I’ve a deep regard for all those who walked ahead of their times and paved ways for others to make all easy for them. A special thanks for my mentors Uzma Khan (my sister) for always being there. Thanks to the super talented designers and amazing photographer who I have worked with. You guys are the beat!

How do you face criticism especially when you are receiving at the peak of your career?

I take it as honest feedback, it helps you stay focused but I sieve out constructive criticism and put distance between myself and destructive people, especially those whose life agenda is to bring your moral down.

Everyone knows Huma Khan, through different styles you performed, but no one know real person behind these styles, and tell us something about yourself?11655529_10206220426461748_1827756242_n

Wow! The answer will sound very narcissist though (insert wink) I’m a foodie, quirky which makes me stand out of the crowd, I’m happy hyper (love this happy go lucky Punjabi trait), loud, experimental, friendly for sure, loves to travel and make new friend. Super flexible person who adapts to change like a chameleon.

Was there any other career in which you were interested in before you step into fashion industry?

Well I have had phases from a doctor to a lawyer or engineer, who’d change the world in early teen days also because that was the only professions, our parents or grandparents’ unfulfilled wish list could complete.

As you are so attractive and charming so your fans need to know about your matrimony plans?

(Blushing) Abhi tu Mein bohat choti(young) hon! (wink wink).

How do you see the future of Pakistan’s fashion industry bright?

Totally loving the direction it’s taking, its growing fast, with array of designers who have different philosophy for fashion. Modeling being turned into a proper profession where educated girls want to be associated with the industry, thanks to models like Nadia Hussain and her likes. Our fashion crossing lines to west and making an impression on top end designers Versace’s new shalwar kameez look alike collection which also looks like Nomi Ansari’s PIA uniforms, Paul Smith coming up with a Peshawari sandal, so many western designer doing a variation of shalwar, who would have thought of that. So I’m very excited to see a positive impression made by us in the world of fashion.

Can you talk about a fan encounter that completely took you by surprise?

Quite a few but I get all mushy with emotional one, there is one that’ll send me a hand written letter everyday telling me what the day was like. Got bombarded with flower lover too. There are freaky stalker types. The social media has made everything so accessible for everyone. My favorite has to be the hand written card/letter person, so if you’re reading this, you should know that I’m going through my mail everyday too!

Any message to our upcoming new faces?

Huummm!! Try polishing up traits like persistence, determination, pushing your boundaries, the strength to get back on your feet after every fall and majorly the will to never ever giving up.

“For the love of Huma’s fashion choice”:sd

Things you carry in your bag now days?
Face wipes, sun block, sunglasses a must must & my fav gloss.

Due to sweating what hairstyles you use to make?
Loving my buns and for formal looks and a neat high pony.

Viber, Imo or WhatsApp?
WhatsApp-ing 🙂

Dressing you would love to do in summer weddings?
Desi weddings in summers can be a killer but the choli with capris, ghagra, jackets is a breather, looks hot and keeps you cool!

What diet intake you are taking now days?
I eat everything but keep a close watch on my portion size. With this heat I increase the intake of my detox drinks, yogurt and my green salads.

Cotton pants or jeans?
Cotton pants for sure, I don’t want my legs to die this young! 😉

Three secrets behind your sexy figure?
Workout, workout, workout!

Perfume you wear?
Mark Jacobs Daisy, Gucci Flora, Jimmy Choo Blossoms, Coco by Chanel, Roberto Cavali & Tom Ford.

Diamonds or pearls?

Cheap shampoo or expensive?
I don’t bracket it in term of money. I guess whatever suits your hair. With the amount of chemical that goes on our hair we need special care, I love Toni&Guy hair products and L’Oreal products.

Heels or flats?
I have and like my heels, head and standard high! 😉

Favorite piece of furniture at your home?
My therapeutic massage recliner.

If you had a tattoo, where would it be?
I already have them in place. Now keep guessing.

Best gift you’ve ever received?
I get showered with lots of gifts from my loved ones. It’ll be unfair to say which one is my favorite as all of them hold a special place and are given with lots and lots of love. There is a special gift but it’s a secret (Winks and laughs).

How do you like your coffee with?
Dark with milk.

What’s your favorite curse word?
Hahahaha. I don’t curse I’m a good girl!

Best jeans brand in Pakistan you would love to wear?
Stoneage is best jeans brand in Pakistan and I always love working with them …

What’s your favorite board game?
Pictionary & Monopoly.

Song you just love to dance in it with so passion?
You don’t need a song to dance, you need a Punjabi soul.

Describe your ideal fun night out?
Late night movie, Pyjama party with caramel popcorn and nachos with besties.

“Can’t put my finger down on one thing, but definitely time/ delays and in general people’s laid back attitudes toward wasting their productive hours doing non productive things…”

It never was an intentional effort to be a celebrity; I got into modeling initially for fun and then ramp got so addictive…!