Important Guidelines for Safe Usage Of Contact Lenses

By: Dr. Jahanzeb Durrani, Eye Specialist Farheen Toor.M.A., Beautician

Contact lenses are popularly used in our society, therefore it is important to know the correct handling to avoid any harmful effects. Always consult an Eye specialist and make sure that your eyes are free from any allergy, inflammation or dryness likely to damage your vision.
Never use the contacts if advised by a non-professional against spectacle prescription which may be different from the actual requirement. It is only the professional who understands the technicalities of using the correct choice of lens, solution, duration of use and when to change for the new pair. Always, avoid contacts from an unknown company for the sake of cheaper price as no law exists to control their sale. Certain companies claim ‘one size fits all’ or ‘no need to see a doctor’ is absolutely incorrect. Improper sized lenses can be potentially devastating and can cause blinding painful bacterial infections from Pseudomonas and Amoeba, damaging the vision in the long run. Such injuries require immediate treatment otherwise to restore vision it entails corneal transplant surgery from the donated cornea of the dead, it is a complicated surgical procedure.
However, there is no need to get disturbed unnecessarily, it is exactly like other drugs used for may ailments. In fact, a contact is a medical device and is absolutely safe if used carefully and according to the instructions. The use of transparent lenses is recognized all over the world but the colored lenses are not approved legally by any authority as these lenses are studied with colored pigments, basically irritants to beautify the personality cult as a fashion and are used as cosmetic accessory. These contacts are thicker and basically irritant which reduces oxygen transfer. If at all it is necessary. However, if necessary it should be used for a shorter period and must be removed before sleep. Children under 15, seniors and disabled persons should avoid using the lenses as these are likely to be mishandled by them. Whenever you notice excessive watering or pain in the eye, immediately remove them and contact your doctor or the nearest hospital.

Hard and Toric lenses are used to correct astigmatism (irregular cornea) as in Keratoconus. Mostly people use soft lenses being more comfortable. There are Bandage lenses used in corneal diseases or after surgery, daily disposable even extended wear to be used for a week, two weeks or a month Airline employees use them during their long flights but these must be removed, cleaned and stored after the flight. Use of normal spectacles are preferred after the flight. Lenses have been designed for reading purposes after 40 when it becomes difficult to read a book, newspaper, threading a needle, working on a computer or mobiles or for a pilot to see clearly on the front control panel. However, There are different options of corrective lenses, like bifocal or multifocal as well. Buy contacts from an approved retailer.
The Care for Contact Lenses
Get your eyes examined for suitability and proper fitness of the contacts, and get assessed whether you are a good candidate for contacts. People who get frequent eye infection, severe allergy, dry eyes, exposure to dust or smoke, professional drivers frequent airline travelers, engaged in frequent flying, are not be suitable candidates for regular use of the contacts. Lenses if not cleaned and disinfected daily, increase the risk of eye infection. You should never sleep with any type of contact lenses that aren’t designed for overnight use as extended wear. Further details may be discuss with your own Eye Specialist.  


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