Headstrong women have a distinctive quality- they are always able to speak their mind and do not shy away from calling spade a spade. Rising artist Hina Ashfaq is one such personality who knows what it takes to make it in the world of entertainment and has faced her fair share of the ‘uglies’ while pursuing her dreams as she takes a strong stance in not just modeling but also through acting.
Social Diary spoke to this dynamic star who is committed to her craft and as she advocates for women empowerment, she hopes to bring the same to the limelight by targeting strong characters to portray on the screen. Read On:





SD: How did you get into the field of glamor?
Hina: I started my modelling journey with the Veet Beauty Contest back in 2014 and there was just no looking back from theron. It had paved the way for me to explore my capabilities through a horizon which was scary but had plenty of rewards too.
SD: When did you realize you had a passion for modeling?
Hina: It started as a hobby but eventually project after project it became my passion. It’s important to realize soon enough when something is worthy to work and strive for. You will be amazed by the plethora of responses you get from the kind of work you put out on the table.

SD: What were the major setbacks you had faced while venturing into it?
Hina: It is true that the modeling and entertainment industry is not all glam and fame. You have to endure the ugly before you can make it big, A lot of criticism and demotivation comes your way which is definitely going to matter.
SD: Looking at Pakistan’s modeling industry- how do you think we stand against international platforms?

Hina: I think we are doing pretty good so far, the Pakistan entertainment industry is now starting to get recognition across countries. The major wins that we saw this year, including our Cannes glory with the film ‘Joyland’ has been a proving stance that when it comes to art and films, there’s so much we can achieve when we put our hearts and souls into it.

SD: The one thing you wish to change about the modeling world?
Hina: I would definitely want people to change their perception towards this field. It is not a hobby anymore. We should take this field as a proper profession and should be more professional towards it. There is a lot of work and commitment that goes into working on projects and that is something everyone should be appreciative towards and give it the same respect as you would to any other profession.

SD: Let’s now explore how you ventured into the field of acting?
Hina: I was offered a drama back in 2017, it was unexpected and a surprise for me too. It just came out of nowhere and I never really had my mind ingrained towards the field of acting anyway. I was always more into modeling but God had different plans and who was I to question that. I just knew that once this opportunity has come my way, I cannot take it for granted. And I committed to giving it my complete 100%. The results were for everyone to see and there has been no looking back ever since.

SD: What was the most rewarding aspect and the most disappointing in the field of acting?
Hina: The best thing is you get a lot of exposure and face value. However on the other side you have to deal with lots of unprofessionalism and politics which no one can deny that it still exists. There is the good which comes with this kind of work which you cannot deny and that is why you need to take everything with a mighty pinch of salt.
SD: What has been your most favorite acting project till date?
Hina: Alif / Masters
SD: Would you consider going into films and what will be your criteria for choosing a project?
Hina: Yeah why not I’m just waiting for the right script. When it comes to my own preference, I would opt for an art film rather than a commercial one. The reason is that I prefer taking on powerful roles and roles which have a story and allow the various characters to showcase their skills.


Best moment of 2022 till date?
Seeing myself on Billboards
Your most prized possession?
Can’t tell
Your favorite actor?
There are many but I’m a big SRK and Fawad khan fan
The one thing that is a mood killer?
Negative vibes
Three things you have with you all the time?
My phone / credit card / perfume
Your life’s motto?
Be happy because you only live once
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast
Desi Wear or Western
Deepest Fear
Losing my loved ones/loneliness
Biggest Regret
No regrets only lessons
An Inspiring Personality
My mother
Biggest Strength
Someone you wish to meet
Oh well the list is too long…
Top 3 things on your bucket list
Wild safari
Travel the world



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