In Conversation with MUNEEB BUTT “Im Competitive Against Myself “



Vitality coupled with major star looks, Muneeb Butt knew early on he was meant for the screen. Having made a strong mark already with his eccentric roles, depicting major characters with such ease and suave, this is one shining artist to keep an eye out for. A social media favorite who is loved by his fans as continues to create magic while exploring the wonders of the world with his adorable family,
Social Diary got to know more about his passion for acting and what else he loves doing. Read On:

SD: What attracted you into the world of entertainment?
Muneeb: As far as I can remember, I was always interested in Performing Arts. I was always searching for a platform through which I could execute my potential. I completed my studies and graduated in Media Sciences and Advertisement so through that portal as well, I got the nudge I needed to pursue my career in the drama and modeling industry.
SD: When did you feel the time was right for the transition from modeling to acting?
Muneeb: Acting was always my first and original passion. It wasn’t like I was in my complete modeling element. I was actually doing a couple of commercials when I was offered my first drama serial. I was 19 and newcomers take it forward from such paths. But acting was always on the cards.

SD: Was the drama industry all you wished for it to be?
Muneeb: The thing that I loved about the drama industry is how you get to act through a plethora of interesting scenes for different characters. It helps you to make a strong mark. For me this is the main thing- it’s always fun to bring forth different characters on the screen. Hence with the first drama serial that I got, it was definitely my dream coming true.
SD: How do you choose your projects?
Muneeb: First of all, I read the script.I also put emphasis on who the director is as well as the female cast and of course the production it is coming under. However the main thing is definitely the script- if the content is good, I would be choosing the project.
SD: Who do you consider as your biggest competition?
Muneeb: I am in competition against myself instead of anyone else. I always aim to be a better version of myself. This includes aiming at being a better actor than I am right now.
SD: Who do you consider as one of the game-changing directors of today’s time?
Muneeb: I think Wajahat Hussain is definitely one of the best directors we have got. I have done three projects with Wajahat Bhai and I have learned a lot from him.

SD: What kind of genre do you wish to explore through your acting chops?
Muneeb: I want to actually dabble into action through a character or I wouldn’t mind playing strong shades of a politician as well or maybe an interesting portrayal of a landlord. I just want to do a character totally different from what I’ve done till now.

SD: What has been the most rewarding role you’ve done till date?
Muneeb: I think Koi Chand Rakh was a turning point in my career. The character that I played was quite different and unique from the usual lot. It was challenging to portray and the viewers, when they saw me in this avatar, they embraced it. I was really happy that people loved that character portrayal and still talk about it today.

SD: Any interesting new projects coming up soon?
Muneeb: Yeah definitely. I am going through various scripts. I was actually going to do a movie in Uk however, due to covid it got delayed. I am browsing through the various offers on the table and hopefully you will be seeing me in a whole new look again.
SD: How is 2022 shaping up to be?
Muneeb: Amazing. There is so much going and so much to be grateful for. I have major aspirations and goals for this year including travelling with my family, working on great projects while also aiming to lose weight. So yeah, it’s a busy year and will continue to be one.


Most Grateful For?
Spending quality, family time
Most Prized Possession
My Daughter
Favorite Film
One thing that lifts you up?
My friends
Three things that you have with you all the time?
My phone, car keys and my wallet
Your life’s motto:
To make other people’s lives better
Morning Person or Late Nights
Definitely Late Nights
Desi or Western
Both- depends on the occasion
Deepest Fear
I don’t get arrogant or proud
Biggest regret
I don’t have any regrets in my life
Inspiring role model
Imran Khan
Biggest strength
My patience
Someone you wish to meet:
Imran Khan…again
Top three things on your bucket list
Visit Australia
Purchase a sports car
Best thing about your work
It’s for the masses…everyone enjoys it
Worst thing about your work
Its very much time-consuming and you can’t get much into family activities
Favorite actor
Nauman Ijaz
What people don’t know about you
They know everything. I’m an open book
Craziest rumor you heard about yourself?
That I spent 70 crore on my wedding
Dream destination:
I love Amsterdam



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