Rumsha Saad Rabbani is a young entrepreneur living her life on her own terms. She is the fiercest example of being persistent and creating magic with the talent you’ve been gifted by Allah. Her shoeline and clothing line is soaring and as a fashion designer and a social media celebrity, she is truly inspiring others to pursue their passion as well.
Social Diary Magazine had the pleasure of speaking to this vibrant personality as we learned more on ways in which she continues to make a stance in the world of vogue and glam while adapting business tactics in the most creative of ways.


SD: Share some fond memories of your childhood?
Rumsha: Being the youngest in my family, I have had the most beautiful childhood. I remember how my siblings and I loved hilly areas and would look forward to our summer vacations. One of the best memories would have to be us enjoying our summer vacations in Nathiagali and taking on those long hikes together in the woods.
SD: How did you get into the field of fashion designing?
Rumsha: I’ve always been attracted to unique silhouettes and I enjoyed dressing up. I believe that was the start to that.
SD: Were there any setbacks you had to face while pursuing it?
Rumsha: I’ve dealt with some difficult customers over the years and I believe one of the main reasons I felt stress while working was them. Nevertheless I love my work and I never let anything hold me back.
SD: How would you consider the fashion scene of Pakistan right now – do you feel we have our very own identity and cultural glorification or have we been borrowing sense style from the west too often now?
Rumsha: I believe the culture and traditions of Pakistan are so unique and diverse that even the people from abroad are mesmerised by some of our very basic style statements such as Christian Louboutin when he came up with a design very similar to that of our famous Peshawari chappal.
SD: What does your work signify and what kind of fashion edge do you bring with it ?
Rumsha: I have always tried to come up with designs that show diversity and at the same time are a blend of eastern and western silhouettes. For my shoe line, I’ve tried choosing designs which no other Pakistani brand brought to Pakistan before.
SD: As an entrepreneur what were the major challenges you had to overcome ?
Rumsha: I think every entrepreneur has to agree how challenging it is for him to establish the starting funds or capital. Apart from that, the global pandemic really affected the business in some ways especially for our store launch, however we are planning to open up Rayseen’s outlet very soon.

SD: How do you keep yourself motivated to keep on attaining new goals?
Rumsha: I strive to be the best version of myself; better than the person I was yesterday and of course to prove myself to be someone who I imagined myself to be. These are some of the main goals which have kept me going all this time.

SD: As a woman, do you feel your challenges were far more than your male counterparts?
Rumsha: As a woman, a wife and now a mother I would say it is way more challenging than it is for the other gender. In the society we live in, a woman is expected to do everything and be available for everyone at all times. So to run a business, an active instagram blog, give weekly lectures, take care of your kid and household is a challenge itself. But I have always led a very active life and I love juggling through it all.
SD: How can we increase awareness to increase equal opportunities for women in fields less explored?
Rumsha: First and foremost- raise your voice. Speaking up about something you actually care for is extremely important in today’s world. Every woman should be given support by her family and not be discouraged when she shows interest in working and exploring new fields. A supportive spouse and family is extremely important for every woman.


Best moment of 2022 till date?
The birth of my son on 14th September 2021.
Your most prized possession?
My Family.
Your favorite international fashion designer?
Guissepe Zanoti
The one thing that is a mood killer?
Boring people
Three things you have with you all the time?
My phone, my lip balm and my debit card.
Your life’s motto?
See everyday as an opportunity to be better than yesterday.
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast
Late night for sure
Desi Wear or Western
A blend of both
Deepest Fear
To lose my loved ones.
Biggest Regret
None. I think I am where I am due to every decision I took in my life.
An Inspiring Personality
Gianni Versace is someone who has actually inspired my work in a lot of ways.
Biggest Strength
My husband’s support.
Someone you wish to meet
I really wish to go back in time and meet Gianni Versace.
Top 3 things on your bucket list:
A- Travel to an island and get lost in the wilderness
B- Open up Rayseen’s outlet
C- To win a recognition award in my field



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