In Conversation with Waqas Aslam Niazi Let the Failures Come, Let the Lessons get Learned

By Asif Khan

The man in fur and slip-on boots setting off a new raging sensation of the fashion scene, Waqas Aslam Niazi is someone who would hardly go unnoticed. An inevitable uprising in the fashion industry, Waqas expresses himself in terms of fashion which phrases his unique style. He belted out many fashion films and campaigns for different fashion brands but his contribution as art muse for paintings of renowned artists is the most distinguished work that makes him stand apart. Quite contrary to his Egyptian-Greek looks, his fondness for Urdu and Persian poetry recitations and literature is yet another side of his multi faceted personality. All set to make his debut in dramas as an actor, Social Diary had an interesting conversation with this vibrant individual who is set for great things!

SD: How did you find your way in the fashion world as a model?
Waqas: Unlike others it literally proved a rollercoaster ride for me as my fashion aura made it smooth for me. I got approached by the PR and fashion fraternity themselves because of my distinctive looks and things starting falling in my stride ever since.
SD: How has your journey been from a typical boy next door to a successful model?
Waqas: Like a sail on a silent lake, pleasing but I needed a maverick wave every other moment to move further. Constant learning and improvisation of abilities within myself kept the thrill alive and it continues unabated .
SD: How different are you from your on-screen life to off-screen life?
Waqas: I’m always myself and that’s the easiest thing to do.
SD: How did you develop your fondness for literature and art?
Waqas: Literature and art holds its own power and royalty over you. My friend Mehtab Naqvi, having ancestral background Patiala used to recite Mirza Ghalib and I couldn’t help falling in love with Urdu and Persian . Similarly any sort of art and performing art is an expression I can relate to and it hits me by my heart.
SD: What inspired you to become a subject of the art work of renowned artists?
Waqas: They are blessed with the abilities to show the other side of the prism with skills of their brush. These projects have always been close to my heart.

SD: As a model, you have to be faithful to your own vision, to art and self-expression. So what does it take to be a successful model?
Waqas: Consistency and constant learning is the key. Let the failures come, let the lessons get learned, just keep walking smartly and trust in Allah.
SD: Modeling is considered as a self-project whereas acting is self-negation. Do you think you have the guts to fit into both canvas at the same time?
Waqas: Absolutely yes I do and also I find it fascinating not to be ashamed of showing my abilities, both as a model and as an actor.
SD: What kind of projects, you don’t squander a minute to say” no” to?
Waqas: Any campaign that is not aligned with human values and can create an impression that any human is lesser than what he/she is entitled to.

SD: How were you as a child then teen? Who remained your inspiration?
Waqas: Being the youngest amongst eight siblings, my childhood was very, very loving and overprotected. I’m a kid for them. My dad has been my inspiration all along. He is the finest dressed man of grace and dignity and any good quality, if I have it because of him.
SD: Are there any models you envy? Or name the ones you look up to as inspiration?
Waqas: Not from the modeling fraternity to be exact. I always looked up to Al Pacino and Sir Daniel day Lewis as legendary actors. I grew up listening to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin with that 90’s Rockstar aura with longhair. Drew Barrymore from Poison Ivy was more convincing with her winglets and I endedup with long hair.
SD: What if showing skin is mandatory, will you be accepting it without ifs and buts?
Waqas: If it has a theme and logic, one shouldn’t be asking this question. It’s very subjective. I guess I wouldn’t oppose a degree, which is a requirement of a project. One can always say “no” if the project is not professionally in sync.

SD: Most of the models aspiring to become actors hardly achieve modest success. What do you have to say about this?
Waqas: It requires a great deal of skill learning and dedication. When you really love something then you need to invest your 100% into it.

SD: Do you agree that acting is purely on high imagination? If yes then what about modeling?
Waqas: Acting is high imagination, observation, technique, practice and a lot more. There’s no one conclusive recipe to it and the same goes for modeling.
SD: Where would you like to see yourself, let’s say 5 years from now?
Waqas: I see myself smiling and living every moment to its fullest and cherish every walk I’d walk towards my goals.







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